A nightmare with a possible meaning?

Hi everyone before I cut to the chase I am one of those who cannot recall my dreams very often. Next to never although sometimes certain dreams stick with me. To the point; I’d like to ask for your aid to help me dicipher this one:

In the dream I were visiting an unknown male friend, we were standing in his kitchen seemingly talking about something, relating magick and practice.

We were both standing on the opposite of each other with the other person turned against the windows in the kitchen. While we were talking I noticed faces, the appeared to be human yet not, meaning the had pale faces seemingly drained of blood, only the faces were visble from the forehand to the chin. The skin appeared to be stretched to its maximum capacity, making their faces skull like. The most noteable thing except they were silently screaming at me, were their luninescent eyes, they all had different color: crimson, purple, green and yellow. There were four heads that appeard one after the other forming a triangle outside the window, it’s worth it was night and late autmumn or winter, I know about the season because there were leave lacking on the branches of the Tree was located outside the window.

The faces appeared to be solid yet incoroporeal like they appeared like they were made out of smoke and dissappeared shortly after me taking note of them screaming at me.

The friend in told me he had to go get his laubdry and naturally I followed into, wait for it, the basement. After we had gotten his stuff and were on the way out. The light went out however there were some small light in there due to small windows near the cealing. A humanoid shadow stood there and with the same crimson eyes as one of the heads it let out a blood clotting (this choice of words is intentionalkr scream. And were rundning towards us. My friend told me to run while he kept this one busy.

In panic I ran to the top of the stairs and another horrible awaited at the top of the stairs. This being the green eyes, it’s skin was decaying and appeared as grey, some parts of the skin was burned off making it appeared like the thing had necrosis. The hands were skeleton although covered with some stripes of clotted blood and brunt flesh. The head and the torso was humanoid appearing to be male, it moved towards with its jaws agape, and proceeded to eating me alive, as soon as it began to consume me, my view changed from myself into the eyes of the that creature. This is the point when I woke up.

I have an idea about what it could mean: I stress to much. But I am not sure, hence why I am hete if anyone can help me figure out what this could mean, its BALG. What are your ideas/interpretations of what this could mean?

All the power to you.