A nightmare ! any thoughts?

Shortly I dreamed I have whole in my face in shape of a cone , and I could see the raw meat and blood inside. The next image those wholes were stuffed with boiled and mushed meat and someone was telling me that all my face would make smooth! Was horrifying!

You’re being turned into a conehead.

The details are a bit different, but that strongly reminds me of an experience I had, which my best guess is, it’s some kind of “hell” dimension, I’ll copy the whole post below - it’s pretty distrurbing stuff so people who don’t want to read gruesomeness, now might be a good time to click the back button or something!

It was in reply to a post by another member, which I’ve couted, so I’ll leave that in for context:

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:20, topic:4524”][quote=“333, post:19, topic:4524”]As I said it was a hospital, but the people I found had undergone painful surgical interventions for the only cause of both suffering and inflicting such torment on a sentient, and shockingly willing, subject.

… Sadly this experience, whatever it might be, if valid? Is just one studied example. There is too little evidence to support this theory, and the existence of this one does not exclude the possibiity that there are places run by the sickest of fucks ready to lay way on unwitting souls.[/quote]

Hey, I’ve seen those guys too!

A few years ago now, I did some work that led me there… that’s really cool you saw it as well.

I also saw a place that traps some people who’ve been defeated and brainwashed by that kind of person as well, the women were all skinned and scarred beneath their clothing and masks which led them to believe they were so ugly no-one else would ever want them, and they couldn’t escape, and only their mouths were left with the skin on, and a transparent plastic window over their mouths had a pouting sexy smile over the real mouth.

They were dressed on long skirts and did all the running around and fetching and serving.

The men were flayed more raw, still bleeding, and mounted on a wall with their hands and feet removed and the limbs bolted to pistons which they had to operate continuously despite their wounds constantly re-opening and bleeding, they also had to stay in harmony with each other because each set of 4 pistons with its male “engine” in the middle was linked in a mesh to all the others…

That was some fucked-up shit and I can’t say for sure whether it was real as in objectively verifiable, or some artefact of the “shared subconscious” (or maybe I’m just a psycho) but yeah, it sounds very like what you saw there.[/quote]

Hm! Really don,t know what to think… Taking into account now I am working with Belial…I felt no pain looking at those wholes in my face and nobody and nothing were around me. Just that unknown voice telling me my face will be fine…

Ask Belial, he might know what was going on here and be able to show you what it was all about. :slight_smile:

Did you give Belial any offerings? Maybe that is his way of telling you give me some wine.

I did but not wine! than you for suggestion!

He likes brandy also. I’ve had one weird/scary dream when working with Belial and took it like he was angry I didn’t give him an offering.