A new (unsettling) experience that has been happening to me

I’ll describe the first experience, I suspect this was the beginning of or a sleep paralysis experience (which I have never had before).

The experience actually starts in my dreams. I don’t remember the whole dream but the theme was basically some “parasite/creature” trying to attack or attach to me throughout the dream. It didn’t manage to because I did fight it off. Then I woke up (I’d say like 4-5am) and COULD move for a few minutes, besides the “nightmare” I had everything felt normal in my room/space for the most part.

Not long after I woke up, and did turn on my side with my eyes open (was still pretty tired but I considered myself awake) I felt something from the end of my bed come up to me (on the side of my back/neck), and once it got to my neck area it “jumped” onto the back of my neck or attached there (the creature didn’t seem that big to be honest). When it was attached to my neck and I felt it “chewing” at the back of my neck (and heard a chewing like sound to) is when I started to feel like I was losing PHYSICAL strength.

It wasn’t like a blanket/paralyzed feeling from the sense that I’ve read online but like the thing was sucking or eating at my neck (felt like it was draining energy from that area to) causing me to lose Physical strength which made me feel paralyzed. I couldn’t move which freaked me out, and I felt the longer it was able to do whatever it was doing the worse the feeling of losing Physical strength to move.

I had to out of basically desperation and fear “snap” myself out of whatever it was doing. Like jolt myself back to being able to move. It freaked me out. That night was the worst experience, also the creature felt pretty real (I could feel it’s weight on my bed, and it at my neck) – although this could be due to the experience or the fact that I’ve managed to develop my senses including clairsentience very well.

I’m doing cleansing and other things as something like this had happened a couple of times, Although I’ve managed to “snap” out each time but its VERY difficult to do. I’d just like to know what the heck was happening…??


Just what you said in your post basically. The astral parasitic entity tryed to attach themselve to you and take your energy. I had a lot experience with them and there are a lot of different types of them. I often get them when i am in an open channeling state of mind and when i fall asleep the attacks happen then, becouse at that state you are the most vulnerable. I have felt their tenticles piercing thru my skin like knives and my energy draining. Have you actually see how they look like? They tend to not show themselves and attack from behind, but few times i got a clear picture of them and it had a very ugly insect looking parasitic face. Kill them with 'fire".

The most effective way to me to get rid of them is to use sea salt and salt water on my skin when taking a shower and sometimes if i get attacked at night i just sleep on the sea salt all around me and in my hands and it often prevents them from attacking.

And yes, the more you develop your psyshic senses the more often you will see and feel them. Cleanse yourself often and try to fight it and destroy them if you can.


I had this happen to me a while ago. You may need to get someone more experienced to help you if you’re a begginer. For me, a Christian lady helped banish it from my Aura and a Magican removed the spirit from my area.

DO NOT submit to it at any cost. It’s what these fuckers want, use Astral Weapons to weaken it.


This has happened to me as well and it’s good that you’re fighting back (Like Twilight said, “do not submit to it”) cleansing is a good idea. I would also make protecting charms or though it probably isn’t necessary.

Best of luck to you.

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Yep it’s definitely a parasite of some kind. Very interesting about the chewing sound and attack on your neck. I must take note of your unique experience.