A new thought

So I’ve just always pretty much done my own stuff. I have a few close friends that I will go to if I need help on something big.

But the other day me and a friend rode by a spiritual consultant place of business. And she said I need to go there. Does it work or whatever. And told her of course there are fakes in everything but if you get a liget person then yea.
But I was like why pay for it when you can do it yourself?
And she said yea but what if you don’t know how?

Well then I guess you would pay someone. Haha.
I just never thought about that way because I’ve always wanted to learn my own stuff.

But she had a valid point …she wanted the service dosent have the time or want to learn it so …her option is to pay for it or find someone who wants the practice who may not charge.

But curious to go into the place just to see what methods they use.


It’s good to get a second opinion… sad that many of them are scammers though…