A New Perspective on Money Magic

A Perspective on Money Magic
From The Loa, Met Kalfu/Papa Kalfu

Most of the time when your money spells are blocked, it’s not that you are blocked, but that your money is blocked from getting to you.

Or worse, it only partially gets to you which is why you only get $1, $10, or $5 and it feels like the spirits are trolling you.

We are not trolling you.

Even spirits have a hard time bringing the full power they carry if there is a blockage in the way.

Destroy the blockage and you will find the raw forces of prosperity will overtake you like a tidal wave.

The money you seek is already around you, break down the damn and the flow of things, the tides, will be restored.

-Met Kalfu
Gotten while drunk and contemplating money problems


I’m having resources HURLED at me from every possible direction yet the experienceable wealth is a tough one to get flowing.

Might delve into some alchemy changework for a minute. 3 multi million dollar contracts signed before my late 20’s and financial limbo seems to be the status quo

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