A New Occult User Has Arrived

I am new to this forum and have been observing it over a couple of days. I was introduced to it by ChiMaster, who is also my mentor/teacher. I have done very basic stuff like chi points, seeing the earths energy, etc. I have climbed to the entryway of the astral plane but have never gone into it. Frankly, I am a bit scared of the unknown that it will be for me. I am more used to this sort of thinking than other people I think because I am a tabletop rpg fanatic, with BESM, Heros 5e, and D&D all under my belt, and I think that those are what first led me to this path in my life. I do not know what else is needed in an introduction to the web at large, but any questions you have, please leave below. I will try to get to them asap, but I am still in school, so that may be hard.


Hello, welcom. Well I think one thing we would like to know is what are you hoping to take and learn from here?

I take it your experience is very limited. So don’t be afraid to ask questions. We don’t bite,… well most of us don’t. :wink:


Fear of the unknown is natural, but don’t let it stop or hold you from the amazing experiences that this path holds.



You will find a lovely new world when you cross the threshold into the realms of the astral and beyond. You seem to be off to a good start. Just remember that this is no game, and be careful when you roll your dice…because your actions have real consequences. Just keep reading and learning and finding mature, experienced mentors to guide you along your path. Let your heart lead the way in that.


Welcome to the forum :smile:

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So, I wish to learn a bit about everything, both theory and practice. I am especially interested in changing my physical form completely. Nothing though, is too mundane or uninteresting to me to at least learn about. I read a post where someone suggested using zinc and fish oil pills to increase testosterone in a male to improve beard growth, and that is something I just might do. I am here to learn everything and to think.

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Good job on making the acount i hope this widens your view more.

Wonderful to hear, you should be able to find your fill and then some here.

Also, remember the search function is your friend, but if you do have trouble finding something, someone might have info on what you want to know or where to find it.

PS. I’m a D&D 5e player as well. :grin: :nerd_face: