A new invention

Is it possible, to create a druid and invite a demon in and it could start moving ? i’m thinking about that with drawing sigil in the heart of the clay etc…
what about this idea

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I wouldn’t expect it to literally move around, but yeah you can do this sort of thing. It’s basically creating a servitor and then housing it inside some clay, or giving an already existing spirit a physical object to be present in. A sigil is a way of bringing a spirit into a physical form, so if you put the sigil on an object it’s like creating a receptacle for the spirit to manifest itself into. People have been doing this for thousands and thousands of years, in many different cultures.

I have a servitor that originally just resided in me and its sigil, but a few years later it manifested a small figure/statue that looks like it. The servitor is for my dream practice, so whenever I see the statue, I remember that I’m dreaming.

I think Kabbalists would do this sort of thing as well. If I recall correctly, this may actually be where the term “golem” originated. Fun facts

Golems/druids take a lot of work to create as a stationary servitor alone, let alone making one move. It has to have many many things, and a simple lesser daemon might not be the best candidate for a soul.

@shinri is on point with this. This is possible, but don’t expect it to move much. You have the right idea, though. Servitors that are housed in a physical component are easier to connect with. You can sit in front of it and converse with the spirit within. Or, if it’s a stuffed animal or anything like that, when you’re sad you can hold and cuddle with it. It’ll have the same feeling as a real being, and not some stuffed toy. That was my case, anyway.

Sigils are the best way to do this. I don’t trust imaginary friends too much, but generally speaking there’s many lesser spirits that you can use. Just remember that “servitors” shouldn’t be slaves. Love them like you love your gods. Treat them with the respect they deserve. Butlers get a salary, they get respect. It should be just the same.

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