A new hope

I want to encourage my fellow newbies to never loose hope and thank all members in this forum you guys are awesome .I wish life would have been this way all over .
I have meet alot of good people in this forum who are will to help,to educate and even encourage you to not stop if you really want to grouw .
I’m I the fist steps of my Invocation I have tried several times but today it was different and serious I had a a drawn sigil on my hand and I decided to do a ritual with sals’ash .I just saw the sigil disappear and appear but also I saw the paper lifted up from my hand .
And I’m slowly slowly gain confidence I’m not scared like how I was before.i have seen alot of changes in me especially in my faith with the spirit.


Just hang in there brother, and give it a chance. I’m glad you found new hope. Anytime you need help just ask here and someone will help you with any questions you have. :bouquet: