A new change in my perspective

I’ve been looking up alot of stuff about cryptids and all kinds of odditys in the world. I remember something I’ve heard while searching “if the world exist how crazy would it be for anything else to exist”. This is really starting to widen my view of everything I think about. I don’t think I want to work with any spirits anymore. Maybe another time in my life, but I just don’t feel the call I used to. I am now more focused on my own spirit and my ability to change within the world. Maybe that’s what the spirits that I worked with wanted? But my new view is kind of believing in everything :joy:. It’s a odd point of view but it keeps me open minded to possibilities. So now my next goal is to strengthen the foundation of my spirit/soul or what ever it is. So I probably won’t work with the other spirits I used to.

So now I was wonder if anyone can give advise to increase my “spiritual strength”. Something to start out my new path.


Also I have a question on cryptids. Does researching them attract them? Because they seem like spirits in a sense. And I know researching a spirit makes the spirit more awear of you.