A muggles dive into the draconian current

Hello everyone,

this will be my journal while working with the draconian current. As I said in my other journal I will be doing the initiation ritual as described in the draconian ritual book tonight and the next few nights.

Here is my setup for the ritual:

I will probably listen to this while doing the ritual not sure yet though.

Cleaned the place up, went to the barber and will be doing a cleansing before starting tonight. Lets see what happens.


That looks great. I’m looking forward to your continued writing on this.

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Thank you. I suck at drawing so the sigils are not as detailed as in the book. I subsituted the dragon with the dragon constellation. Left is Lucifers sigil, right is Lilith. I recreated the sigil at the bottom with the bowls and statue up top. Also do not have red candles so black must do. Incense is dragons blood.
Its my first real ritual so I will probably fumble a bit. Exited though.


First real ritual?! That’s a big deal. I’m very glad for you. Enjoy it :slight_smile:


Excellent choice of knife. It takes quite a bit of mental preparation to slice yourself with a knife. Are you sure you are ready for it? You wouldn’t want to screw up your ritual out of fear. You can always use a pin.


Yessir, look forward to reading about your experiences.
Don’t forget to enjoy the ride :sunglasses:


Do not have one. Should be fine i guess. I accidentally cut myself today so I just need to reopen it a bit If i chicken out.

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Done. Was not 100% like i wanted and shorter then expected. Not everything went well but okay for a beginner i guess.

Felt electric pulses through my spine and a pulsating through the back of my hand that i lightly cut. Visualisation of the sigil was harder then expected but i began the invocation when the constellations fail begann writhing like a snake.

fumbled my words a a couple of times but got through. Saw a few visions after that. A hooded man opening a door. The qlipoth in like a 3d figure in a sea of stars. A hellish landscape with fire the sky turning dark. Two naked women one tall and blond one smaller and brunette laughing and dancing touching me welcoming me. A firesnake. Chinese dragons flying between a circle of stars of different colors. And a few that went by to fast.

Feel awake. Normally i would go to sleep but i feel energised.


Agree, in the long term lancets are better.
It is not nice to have scars in the hands, even if they are small. People ask at work, believe me.

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Time to update. After the ritual I was full of energy at first but after sleeping that subsided. For the following days I felt the need to rest and took kind of a vacation from meditating, the forum and magic in general. Before the ritual I did an experiment with chakra meditation that had a few unwanted sideeffects.

I seemed to go backwards with progress I made and as I am a beginner progress however small feels like a treasure. I learned a few things from this and have seen mistakes that I will now correct.

  1. I lost my wonder for magic because the meditation with guided videos got boring and mundane. As a result it was not potent at all and I could probably have took a long walk and that would have been more effective then meditating to the same video so many times.

After the vacation it returned and my visions were more clear and I had talked to a spirit that told me not much but showed me a sigil. I knew it and could not remember the name of the spirit after failing to remember it told me a name that felt right but not the one I was looking for. I rememered it shortly after and later learned that they both are the same being (merged).

Just this much gave me back much needed faith and wonder.

  1. Like @anon96217651 said bloodletting is harder then I thought. It takes so much willpower. My cuts were pathetic but worked in the end (just two drops). I do not know if I could use a pin or lancet. I had a fear of needles from long ago and still can not watch when the doctor gives me a shot. Not sure what to do about that for now.

  2. I always meditated on my bed lying down. This resulted in me not getting into trance much when sitting at the ritual-table. I will practice meditation while sitting down starting now. Also I read more about trance in general. A really deep trance I had maybe three times and they were kind of random. I need more practice to really use it right. So for now imagination has to suffice.

Before doing another ritual I will practice a bit more. After a month I will return to the ritual and continue with the dragons of the earth, water, wind and fire.

Tldr: Noob made noob mistakes. Bloodletting is hard. Practice meditation sitting not lying down and keep at it. Never lose the wonder for what you do or it will not be potent (Eyes of a child). Next rituals in a month.


Litte update. Nothing much happened in the last few days.
I feel a bit sick and do not have much energy. I seem to have caught a cold and the weather is turning colder so that might be it. I also had a far to short holiday and working again while two colleagues were away was exhausting.
I did not meditate regularly nor did I do much else. I read the forum here and there but thats pretty much it.

The time I did meditate and the days after I had very interesting visions. While meditating I suddenly felt a snake on my bed. It was green and thick. It bit me two times. First into my crotch area or sacral chakra then my chest / heart chakra. It coiled around me and rested its head on my head then vanished.

I then dreamed about me being together with my brother. We went down a set of spiraling stairs through a dark tower that went into a deep place. There were two parts at the end. One room to the right wich gave me a lighter feeling and one to the left whick was pretty much pitch black.
My brother seemed the one leading here and was really exicted to meet what was here. We went into the dark room first.

This room was round and seemed like some top of a tower. It was open when I looked up and was filled with a dark void. There was one entity here. A dark chinese dragon about as big as a cat. It floatet there and began to speak to my brother … and me because i was there too. I seemed more of a sidecharacter though. It told us if we could stop our heart for 6 minutes we would unlock the secret to a tremendous amount of power. My brother was quite excited and happy. I was sceptical because that sounded fishy at best.

We went into the other room and it was the same here structure wise but here it felt like i was standing in a pavilion and see into a beautiful blue sky. A man in a white dress / toga? with no hair was in here and he gave of a scholarly aura. He talked to me this time. He told me the way to power was one of learning and understanding (got more fuzzy here) my brother seemed like he was absentminded here.
The dream then shiftet into another.

I now was part of a kind of schoolclass but a magical one. We all had to write an essay about some occult knowledge. I remember me being quite confident in my work but not really what it was about in detail. The teacher which was really similar to the bald man before came to me and gave me his assesment. He told me my work was good but I should leave out the part of the “dancing demonesses” as it was not really relevant. He showed my a paper (probably mine) and told me to swap it with “this”. Here I saw a playing card. I was sure it was a tarot card and depicted two people with veils one darker one lighter on one card. The only card I know with two people are “the lovers”. The dream ended.

I do not understand most of this but i think the places the snake bit me and the card tell me to get my lovelife together (or started in any way). I just do not feel that desirable yet. I had a chance to meet a girl from a dating app that even wrote me first but have not logged in for about a month. I feel like I have too many shortcomings. Some i can change some i can not. I feel miserable thinking about that.

I have put some things I wanted to do on hold for no real reason other than that it would be a bit of work. I feel exhausted and got a bit lazy again.

I feel distant from some parts of magic I had interest in and noticed how I felt drawn to almost everything for the first months that I started this. Now I feel more distant to themes and also entitys. I felt drawn to Lucifer first but I kind of get nothing now. I now often notice Hecate,Cernunos and Astaroth popping into my mind for some reason. The spirit animals from my early journeys are more present know,too. The dog foremost. As im still new I do not know how to really work with a spirit. I feel like I have dabbled in too many things and have not focussed hard enough on one thing.

I will step on the breaks now and learn a few things at a time. Next projects will be finally learning tarot. Then the Ogham. While keeping meditation up again. After that I will probably decide on a spirit to work with for a longer time. Not sure who yet though.


Very interesting stuff. I’m working with The Draconian Ritual Book as well. Sorry to hear what happened to you. Maybe you dived in to fast? Asenath Mason has said that you should start with the Kundalini raising exercises first. You could just incorporate the Kundalini exercises into your daily meditation and kill two birds with one stone. That’s what I’ve done.

The same thing happened to me on the Draconian Path. I used to practice every single day, and was about to do the set of rituals to gain membership to the TOAF. However I began to lose interest all of sudden and went on to other areas of lhp magick. Now all of a sudden I’m drawn back to Draconian magick. Its interesting you’ve had a similar experience

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