A Month of PathWorking with Satagraal or Paimon


FIrst of all, let me start off by saying that I am not necessarily a beginner in evocation/conjuration of the spirits ~ I’ve been practicing for a little while with very good success thanks to the teachings and demonstrations of E.A. Koetting. Through his teachings, I continue to expand.

So the purpose of the post is to get some advice from you who are ‘seasoned’ in Occult Work. I plan to use the entire month of January as a Pathworking with one spirit from the Kingdom of Flames or one of my personal favorites - King Paimon 9th spirit of the Goetia. I wanted to work with Satagraal from the Kingdom of Flames for 30 days, however, the most dire warning is given not to call him in haste. So do you guys think that would be a good idea to work with him? I do desire to unsheath the Spirit, Spirits and Mastery of Prophecy. I have been very successful at prediction and prophecies coming to pass and seeing hidden things, however, I would like to take it to the next level.

Now concerning working with the KOF entities, is it better to draw an imaginary gateway on the floor or create the gate that’s on the book on a peice of cloth? Is it necessarily the drawing or the utterance of the Conjuration of the Gate that’s important?

Or should I just work with Paimon. Whatever spirit I have to work with, I only have about an hour a day to work with the ritual. It’s just my life is sooo busy right now and time management is a factor. So any advice my brothers and sisters can shed, please do…


I’d follow the system as explained in the book, once your comfortable you can experiment and see if visualizing or creating an astral gateway serves the same needs. No point taking shortcuts until you have the system worked out.

As to which spirit that’s got to be your decision as its your path to walk. In regards to not calling Satagraal in haste you wouldn’t be doing so by taking your time and constructing the implements you’ll be using. If anything this will help tune you in to the current your working with.