A Moment of Pure Bliss

Well if finally happened.

Was playing with my cat when he decided it was time to clean himself. That gave me two to five minutes.

I was sitting anyways, so got into comfortable position, tilted head up a bit, performed a quick “letting go of my body” meditation and followed it up with the “zero point” meditation. (I posted about these two meditations before, but I’m not linking those here. This isn’t about that.)

Within 2 minutes … I’m floating in Eternity, and this warmth just washes over me. Discomforts all zapped, gone. Pure bliss. My physical senses long forgotten. Certain memories were playing out in front of me, so I wasn’t completely disconnected from my physical brain.

Clearly some chemical release of some sort but WOW. The fact that it happened within 2 minutes was mind boggling. Finn finished cleaning himself so we just kept on playing.

I don’t know if it was a freak occurrence but wow if we can feel this anytime we want, humanity really messed up in the last 1000 years to forget how to do that.

Hopefully the bliss can be repeated in the future. Just wanted to share.


Nice one! :slight_smile:

That’s what the Church and other forces have worked so hard to suppress… and uyet how easily and naturally it comes back to us, when we just allow it to. :wink:

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