A modest aim - to get a job

I am going for an interview tomorrow. This is my first interview in months, which I need to finally separate myself from my family home. I have been invoking Set to grant me the job. Though I could use some extra oomph to get the job. If anyone knows any spells I could perform, and daemons that would be best suited for this aim it would be great.

Also if anyone wants to send any energy my way, I could use every bit you can spare.

Try Bethor and Och, planetary intelligences, both are listed in the Psionics Grimoire. Ebook is free on Uncle Chuckie’s website.

  1. Don’t invoke
  2. Set is a godform, and he isn’t going to help you get a job.
  3. Demons not daemon, were not wiccans here nor do we give spells.

Evoke a demon using the methods lain out in evoking eternity and command that a job be brought to you.

Sorry I thought daemon was the correct spelling and I will refrain from asking for spells. As for Set, well I was using the method outlined in the ToS material and using his energy to bring change in my life.

I have not got Evoking Eternity but I do have the BoA. Which of those demons do you think would be suitable for that task?

It should be pretty easy for you to sort through it and find a demon whose attributes align with your desires. Temple of set material isn’t worth the paper it is printed upon. As for evoking eternity you can find a downloadable copy online easily or purchase the complete works

Sadly the window passed for the complete works… Did not have the ready cash at the time. Will look for an online version of evoking eternity.

Nah the complete works is still available

Yea, you have to get on an email list, but it should still be available. Click this link, send an email to the support desk:


Also, the ebook is available. If you’re going to get evoking eternity on ebook, I think the least you can do is buy a copy of the ebook: