A message from me to you

I have arrived at point in my life where I feel led to share information about what I have learnt. All well over a period of 8 years. I would consider myself a Solomonic magician, who works with the spirits of the underworld, celestial and elemental.

I first started working with what I would then perceive as angels, through their guidance and companionship have led me to where I am today. A once practicing Christian to a self initiated magician. I say self initiated but I want to say that I was initiated into this world by various spirits/ angels/ daemons. Although in my earlier years I assumed I was connecting to God. I would consider that it was perhaps not God but my holy guardian Angel. As now I have greater knowledge and can trace my experiences with various manuscripts.

Being led by an outside influence I was instructed to endure countless periods of isolation, purification, prayer and meditation.

But let me share with you how this began. Oh that beautiful thing they have named Kundalini. Shakti OM! Raised by an external force, awakening my soul to oblivion.
Death rebirth Death cleansing Death rebirth Cleansing.

Perhaps I was free but I did not know that at the time- neither did I know what would lay ahead for me. To being trained for priesthood to connecting with the other realm. To be set apart from the people to follow the call of the gods.

The spirits forever dominant shaking my world, Shattering my mind. As I followed I sure felt that I was loosing my mind! Through many trails the spirits tested me. Pushing me close to insanity. Leading me down a rabbit hole.
But they gave me a choice to walk one way or another.
Through my persistence I persevered and climbed my way through. Reborn a new creation. The chains of social and cultural programming shattered.

“Tonight the storms shall pass and new systems shall arise.
Out from the cave that was surrounded by life’s testing trials. Cast forth your light, and let you ego be renewed from your unwanted thought patterns, speak roar and groan.
That light that has been cultivated by you committing to your own inner alchemy. Transforming that gross into the spiritual.
See yourself a new creation. From order to chaos and from chaos to order.
Be brave in the face of adversity.
Be unique and own your reality.
Understand the gifts that have been bestowed upon you. For your body is alive and your heart is true. Let the heart and mind transfer vital energy so that you may be in sync with your environment. Life can be short or it can be whatever you want it to be.
You should not forget that we are born into a system that has already been built for you. Question this reality. Is it true to whom you are? And are you who you are or are you what the system wants you to be. The human mind is full of potential. As you go through life it will do you well to learn many different skills to be able to create your own coded system.
Step outside the matrix and have some fun.

Rewire your psychological construct, as you go though this life. And through different stages of initiation. For the advancement of the human race, one must become self aware.
Though what I have spoken of is a construct of my own belief system so take from it what you will.

This world needs thinkers, people who will dare to go into the unknown. To go into the darkness to bring back knowledge and transmute that knowledge into light. That is light being information. And in which becomes knowledge. The human mind is capable of many wonderful things. One may be initiated into a current that will enable them to receive such information. Be an individual, rejoice. Be true. Enjoy this thing we call life.

Occult interest list.

Solomonic magic
Ancient Egypt
Path workings
True will
Knights Templar
Spiritual alchemy
Astral projection
The human soul
The Holy Guardian
The Anunnaki
Celestial realm



What is kundalini? I find myself wondering about this mystery. I have researched this topic for many years. I have found that there are many different views on what it actually is. So I have no doubt that it may be confusing to the seeker. It seems that the Hindus are more in touch with the serpents original history.

For me I have gone through the kundalini process and still going through the experience. It started about 8 years ago, totally unaware of what was happening to me.
I had no experience of spirituality…
Although that is when it all started, I do not want to talk much about what was going on around me me but what was happening within me. I do find my memory slightly blurry as it happened quite a while ago.

Kundalini for me is a force, it feels like electricity running through your body. When it first awoke within me me I did not have control over it. And it almost brought me to a meltdown as at that point I was into drugs so this experience blow my mind!
My reasoning and logic seemed to have faded away. So perhaps I did go through insanity. I then became a Christian and was told that this feeling inside was the Holy Spirit. As my time as a Christian I did go through an intense purification, lots of prayer and a realignment of my moral code.

I would say that prayer and meditation has helped me become comfortable with kundalini. For some kundalini may be a one off experience but for myself it is a daily occurrence. Talking about kundalini is difficult for me as it is still hard for me to understand. I have the ability to raise the serpent from my lower spine to the top of my skull. I do feel that kundalini has opened my psychic gifts, abilities to be able to perceive spirits, channel energy and expand consciousness. I still have no understanding of why kundalini was awakened within me. But it has led me to where I am now. Kundalini has been the driving force for my spirituality.

I have read that kundalini awakens the chakras. There are many ideas about what the chakras actually are. Actually it can seem rather confusing. As really all I can rely upon is my own experience. I have had moments when kundalini is pulsating through my body and at times this have felt like pure ecstasy.
Moving from my spine to the top of skull.
I have also noted that when certain spirits are around me they have an effect and some can control the kundalini within me.

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