A message from Lucifer: Unhealthy fixation on an ex

I’ve recently been working through Lucifer and the Hidden Demons in order to try to get an ex of mine back. However, last night I couldn’t sleep, I was thinking about the ex and realizing that he’s actually a pretty garbage human being, which I have known for a long time- but I still want him back. Which is dumb. I decided to do a path working to talk to Lucifer about the situation and get some clarity about why I know this man is trash but I’m still committed to wanting him anyway. I’m going to share what he told me last night, as it makes total sense, it has made me feel a lot better/more in control, and I’m sure there are a few people on here who also need to hear what he told me.

(Just a note: I posted all of this to my social media first, which is why I refer to Lucifer as a “spirit” instead of a “demon”; I know most of my sm audience would not be receptive to messages from Lucifer and I’d lose a lot of followers, but I know you guys here are cool with it.)

"Today’s reading is going to be completely different from what I usually do. Things should be back to usual tomorrow, but last night I did a path working to connect with a specific spirit and he gave me a lot of information about my own situation that I am being called to share, because it also applies to many of you.

Today’s message is not for everyone. Today’s message is specifically for those who miss their ex desperately, even though the relationship was never really that great. This is for those who are hung up on manifesting this person back, even though logically you know you can do much better.

The message I was given during this path working meditation is probably not what you want to hear. Most psychics will tell you that “you’re meant to be together” and “they’re thinking about you and missing you too.” I’m sorry, but most of the time these “psychics” are only telling you that because they think it’s what you want to hear and they want to keep taking your money. Or, they are projecting their own unrequited love into their readings.

If you want THE TRUTH about what is likely happening in your situation, please read the comments. If this message for those who feel desperate for their ex is not for you, I hope to see you tomorrow.

Now, for some truths :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

You do not actually miss your ex. In fact, it’s very likely that you do not even love them. You miss the rush of oxytocin and other “love” chemicals our brain produced when you were in their arms. You miss the skin to skin bonding- not because there is anything unique about them that made you feel loved, but because that is just the way the human brain is wired. Your feelings are based on your inescapable biology, not from your heart.

You’re fixating on this person because it’s easy. It’s familiar. Your past traumas make you feel this person is “safe” because you know them and are familiar with them. It feels “unsafe” to risk going out and meeting a brand new person, who might actually physically hurt you. Better then devil you know, and all. There is also a sunk cost fallacy going on. You spent SO MUCH time and emotion into this person, and you don’t want all of that to have been for nothing.

This message is specifically for those of us with exes who are honestly just not very good people. If this person lied to you, if they cheated on you, if they stole from you, if they disrespected you, if they ignored you, if they minimized your feelings, if they manipulated you, if they gaslighted you, etc. If they did all of this and you STILL want them like crazy, it’s because of the brain chemical oxytocin and nothing more. Unfortunately, you are stuck in a pattern of thinking of them far too much, which is reinforcing your obsession with them. The spirit I met on my path working advises to think about other things before you fall asleep at night. If you have a celebrity crush, fantasize about them. If you have non-relationship goals, fantasize about that. Anything you need to think about to NOT think about your ex is recommended to break the cycle of fixation you’re in.

I was told that the number 777 is a sign that what he’s saying is true. I saw 777 in my dream last night after the path working. So, if you also start seeing 777 please take this message as confirmation."


This message was what I most needed right now
Thanks @SisterM
Thanks Emperor Lucifer
Thanks Theodore Rose.


I’m so glad you were also helped by the messages I received :heart:
I know A LOT of people don’t want to admit that there’s no special connection between themselves and the object of their fixation. It was kind of shocking to learn that, myself, but so very necessary.


of course it is also made much worse if you relied on them for certain things, and have a hang up of staying married no matter what. It is also made worse if your ex hated themselves and you are also an empath. Of course, just because you know it is all hormones, doesn’t make it easy to have all that go away.