A message from King Asmodeus

Whenever something is important to you, you tend to not wanna let things go and hold on to it. Perhaps you keep doing workings to try and fix an important situation or is always looking for another way to always do some type of work because what you want is important.

I am in this situation right now. I’ve been doing a lot of workings and always is trying to find something new to do because I don’t wanna lose control over the situation and I feel by doing work I am in control and know what’s going on.

I am scared to leave things be and let everything go so the results can come and the workings can start manifesting but instead I’ve been too scared because of no control and no way of knowing what’s happening.

I know for things to manifest you need to let go but I know for a lot of people that shit is extremely hard too when something is very important to you.

Here is what Asmodeus told me:

”when you let go, really what happens is that you firm your grip. you gain control not lose it because it is when you let go that you trust the most, have faith and believe the most. you know that once you let go things start to happen and it is not because you lose control it is because you gain it even more than you are now doing the workings.”

You have trust, faith and belief when you’re doing the workings but you will have it even more when you let go.

I thought this might help somebody who’s struggling now aswell.


Very apt and very well put.


Thanks i needed this


Was about to summon rn using the second method from DOM to request something not mentioned in the book ( I asked for a demon that could help me using the Daemon Tarot and his card popped up- which is convenient) so I take this as a sign he can help me


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