A message from Heckate :

Back in December I went on a guided mediation journey to meet Lady Heckate. The experience was wonderful and I received some information which I will share now.

I was told that many Sorcerers and I will ascend after this Life. She had even told me that this is my last human Life (this also applies tonothrr sorcerers who will ascend).

So work hard and find your Life purposes guys, some of us are gonna level up :grin::milky_way:


That’s gonna be me! Aint coming back to this chaotic stink place and forgetting my power again xD


Same here!! I just wonder to which level I’m gonna ascend :thinking:


Well I reckon I’m coming back. I live as the beasts of the field, rejoicing in the fleshly life! I’m naughty.



What way to better shape your character then to live on Earth. All these challenges define whom we gonna be👌

I for one will still dance on this Earth. :dancer:t2:


My last life was the last one, this ones an extra, because interesting times. Hence, no purpose, no lessons, no karma, all I had to do was be here, the rest is up to me. I think this is true of quite a few people, a lot of spirits came in specifically to help with ascension or it was going to fail again like the others. So far so good.


Fascinating! Does that mean you’ve had a fairly easy life? Due to the sheer amount of untangling I’ve had to do with my chakras I can’t imagine I’ve already graduated, though I have been told I reached enlightenment in a past life


I just want to reach musical fame and fortune in this life lol.


Relatively easy, yes, bar accidents that fudged things up early on. I have all I need, any problems are about my attitude and being able to stay high and made decisions with discernment.
It’s possible to de-ascend, even as a volunteer - hazard of the territory - but you can get back up again. :slight_smile:

For example, being human is still never easy and can depress you when you no longer understand why people do thing things they do, so you ‘ostrich’ and go back to sleep. Or, I tend to attract broken people into relationships and give myself a headache trying to heal them, which sometimes has been a landslide success and sometimes just dragged me down.

For those interested in this idea, I recently came across a chaneller called Dolores Canon that has some explanations vis a vis her ‘3 waves of volunteers’ that for the way I see things reasonably well, and I relate to her ‘2nd wave’ concept.


Good luck with that!

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Do you have a link to her article?

I stumbled across her on your tube… these are a excepts from long and rambly conferences/interviews, and I haven’t decided if I agree with other parts of her gnosis yet, but otherwise it starts off feeling about right.

A couple of my main takeaways - the ascension she talks about and the apocalypse of Belial are the same thing. And it’s here, happening in our lifetime, right now.
I think this is why many of us have the feeling we could be living to 300 or more if we want to - because we are incarnate as we currently transition.
It’s also why magik is easier than ever before and newbies can evoke in mere months instead of a lifetime of alchemical effort.

My biggest unanswered question:
The concept of partial ascension where some move into a higher vibrations version of earth, and some will stay working on their ‘game’ on a lower vibrational parallel version of Earth. Which leads to this weird concept of ‘stand ins’ (I forgot what she called them) that we create to fill in the missing population that didn’t ascend.
Always nice to find an idea that’s this new, but something’s not clicking about it for me.


Thank you! This is informative.

Yes I noticed the changes. I remember a few years back, that some spells where considered impossible. Like weather spells or even healing but now they’re becoming mainstream.


First life, last life.

Just make sure you live it as truly as you can.

Definitely not my first go round, but it won’t be my last. Ive too much to see and do.