A message, from Belial and Nergal

As they’ve requested.


So, does the latter mean that Belial is going to start fucking up my life to get me to face who I am and evolve?


Didn’t listen but thats kinda what ge does. Its a different story when you break all the bottom so rising up is the only thing left.

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I would have no clue. On one hand, belial is the kind of guy to get in ones face. On the other, that doesn’t mean he will. You may be looking at it wrong or it doesn’t apply to you.

They asked me to post em, I posted em.

But then again, I could also see that. I would ask him or do deep reflection/meditation on your life and yourself.

To me it’s about taking what you want from life and fuck expectations. But also that doing so is going to piss off a lot of people because few have the courage to do so themselves. I got this same song months ago followed by Nergal’s name. Perfect synchronicity :+1:


Same here, a few moments ago. I’ve slowly started to follow the message, just a few hours before his request.

He and I have a… Special connection…


He’s popped up a few times, I just have no idea how or why I would approach him.


Well, he’s great for a few things. To cause death or destruction, or to prevent such things. Protection. Breaking ones limitations. To bring an end to a situation. Transformation. To kill someone. To heal. He and I specialize in the same areas.


He can also get someone out of a hospital.


Oh and necromancy and vampirism.


To be brutally honest, I think that Belial is trying to call me out on my bullshit.

Sometimes I think that he’s “mean” or “harsh”, and I’m used to feeling sorry for myself because I don’t feel like I want to deal with things, almost like I don’t take as much responsibility as I should.

There are also times where I wish I can avoid suffering, but I know that I can’t avoid suffering altogether and that I have a lot to learn.

It’s like. Belial wants to show to me how much I lie to myself and how I have the capacity to do more but choose not to.

Necessary Evil.

It’s my party and I’ll die when I want to
Die when I want to, die when I want to
The monster you’ve made is wearing the crown
I’ll be the king and you be the clown
I’ll take the blame and parade it around
You’ve made me the villain you can’t live without

Reciting violence like poetry, no, you can’t sit with us
Too fashionably plain (now say my name)
Forget everything you think you knew of who I used to be
I look much better as – as the enemy
I’ma have my fucking cake and eat yours too

Like, part of me is kinda like, “Uh oh, he’s gonna try to eat me, be my enemy , and show how bad he can really be.” Especially because I’ve kept him waiting for a while.

And sometimes I’ve muttered to myself, “I want to have my cake and eat it too.”

If I don’t want him as an enemy, then I should stop treating him like one.


Now that you say that, it’s most likely the case. Whether Nergal has a hand in it too, I don’t know. He’s only coming off as mean because you don’t want out of the comfort zone, as you’ve put

That’s also a good observation. For example, Satan is only an enemy if you make him one. Same goes for people, in some cases.

Side note: I’d stop that. It’s not a good idea to keep him waiting for too long. Especially if he really wants to get to work with you. I’ve known him for a bit. He can get in my face and I can get in his and we’d still be good friends.

(in a joking way or if he crosses a line and it’s time for me to stand up for myself, within decency of course.)

He just likes to see people improve. Stagnation is a major pet peeve of his.


So, what if I evoke him and he throws into my face that he’s still going to fuck me up?

He normally, in my experience, doesn’t hurt someone without a reasonable explanation. Like Lilith when she “attacks” someone, but it’s really an initiation. He might destroy something in order to push you to be better or of it’s in the way of you getting better. So in reality, if he does fuck something up, it’s better for you in the long run. Just don’t piss him off.

You might even hate me for this but the phrase that comes to mind is “don’t be a pussy.” He respects you more when you take it like a man and stand up for yourself. He likes it when people get serious (within reason), develop more and remain true to themselves. It’s all apart of self discovery and self mastery.


But, how else can I keep myself from harm other than evoking with him and telling him or commanding him to back off? (IF IT COMES TO THAT, WHICH IT LIKELY WOULDN’T IF I DO THINGS RIGHT)

Otherwise, I think the choice I have is to work with him.

I think banishing will make things worse, and I think that evoking entities to “protect” me will only end in disaster.

You’re going to get hurt no matter what. The best thing I’m going to say is meet the man. He won’t kill you and until you can meet him face to face like a man he’s just going to take you as a joke. He’s literally laughing over my shoulder.

I think we are also thinking to different kinds of fucking shit up.

Hed barge right back in.

He can get past that and get right back to where he started.

More like if you have respect for yourself and for him.


When I say fuck shit up, I mean break down habits, tear down falsehoods and misconceptions, educating and making you better.

If he actually had malice in his intentions, I’d out right say “he’s gonna kill you.”


No, I think I got what you meant. It’s more circumstantial and has to do with your life.

And, I think it’s worth mentioning. One reading of the songs is that I’m the “you”, i.e on the recieving end.

Another reading of the songs is that if I followed his guidance, then I could be the “I”, the perspective of the songs themselves.

But that’s only if I stand up for myself and learn to accept pain.