A message from Ba'el

So I just rewatched the evocation of the 9 Demonic Kings video to write down what theyhad to say and took notice when EA said Ba’el was speaking in a cryptic language.

I jotted the language down and after the video felt like I should speak it.

I recited.
“Istel Laht Istel Laht Tal Las Tal”

After a couple times repeating this I switched to.

“Nesomah Somah Nesomah Yamah”

Then switched back to the previous incantation.

After a couple repitions of this that’s when then information startedflooding into my mind.

So without furtheradue a message from Ba’el.

" You but are a greater thing within this world. Perfection does not exsist.Strive forever. Chase the serpent.Power you will become but power is an overflowing well which will never quench your thirst.Through many lifetimes you will become stronger.Dive into the everlasting well of power and drink drink drink.Your destiny never ends.It continues as you are Eternal.You can achieve higher states evolving into a powerful spiritual being,but the well is endless and greatness can always become greater. Spread this message to all who strive for power"

I hope you guys get something from this because I sure as hell did.


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Beautiful mate!

Today’s been an intense day for me and my nearest and dearests and that message, that we’re never “done” and always into greater things, is both in line with and affirming our on journey and setting the sign-posts for more!

Thank you from ther heart and on behalf of my OH as well, nice work, nice empowering confirmation.

I’m glad you got something from this LadyEva!
You’re opinion and posts have meant a lot to me so I’m super glad I was able to give something back!

This message struck true to me since I have been searching for the ultimate source of power and was actually relieved to have confirmation that this never ends.

I think I will try and do some past life regression work to see what I was up to in past lives.
My father was an ex-occultist turned pastor and told me stories about opening gateways to demonic realms.
I’ve been contacting my deceased father by building an altar to him and from I understand he left work behind fore to continue.

If someone could help me out with giving me some exercises for past life regression I’d Mich appreciate it!


Thanks man!
I’ll check out those resources!
Does Dick Sutphen have anything free online I could check out?

Thanks again man!
I’ll checkit out.