A message from Azazel

I received this message during my meditation with King Azazel. At first I wasn’t gonna post it but I believe he wants me to because it can apply to anyone :

“Find your inner strength, embrace your inner Beauty, work with your Magick in a way that you enjoy it and grow while enjoying Magick.”


I got a telling off for spending too much time on Loki and not his crowd -_-


That’s curious, I got the exact opposite. The first time I evoked Azazel, he told me to abandon all my workings with Abrahamic beings (angels and demons) and go full time, 100% into Slavic Paganism. The next day Bog Veles appears to me, completely unprompted and welcomes me to the religion of my ancestors.

Slava Bogum


Perhaps that’s because your Ancestral Gods chose you. Deities to recommend us to others from time to time.

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