A Message from Archangel Raphael:

A few hours ago, Archangel Raphael came to me and gave me this message (I did not perform any ritual or invocation) :

Let others know that I can heal them. Let them know that others can heal them. Just ask, we always listen and we will help. Sometimes nothing is required, sometimes you may have to offer something but we are always willing to help.

He told me that I should post this here. I am currently working with him on a few health issues and will be performing a healing meditation with him at least twice a month.


I think people have angels ALL wrong, and no offence but I was watching E.A. earlier saying he’s not that often working with angels because he’s not into anything to do with religions… angels are NOT “religion” hall monitors, they experience love of a thing so pure that they almost exists as a sentient harmonic of that thing - just like getting lost in the zone, maybe for him, doing woodworking, or anyone doing a creative act they love so much that they get totally in the zone with it.

They have literally no interest in enforcing some weird desert cult that has well outlived its day unless they are called by someone limiting them within that, in which case they will happily obey the person’s boundaries and mental system and appear in that form.

Anyway i just wanted to say this in defence, I guess, of Raphael, who is very cool and very open to working with people who actively hate all that crap. :+1:


Well i think that we all channel different energies, all angels are loving from the tree of life and the tree of death


Thank you Raphael
He helped to fix my breathing heal my lungs and heart


Why can’t it just sing this?


I have to agree with you, many Sorcerers who work with Demons have good relationships with Angels and that’s because they both want to see us ascend and grow.


Yea, at one time I used to be ‘the cheerleader’ for him here in the blog. He did help me in many cases.


He required little more than his sigil and a light trance to help me. Although he did give me some sharp tongued advice.

This was the conversation as I remember it.

call to Raphael
Bright flash of gold and white, feeling of care and love*

ME: Raphael?
R: Yes, I have come.
Me: Can you help with [my ailment]?
R: sighs What did you do to yourself this time? Don’t answer, and don’t move.
I feel lots of energy working its way into my spine an going to the problem area.
Me: That feels much better, I highly appreciate your help.
R: We wiill gladly help, but you have to help yourself, too. Stop [harmful behaviour] and you won’t have to call Archangels to fix you. chuckles.
Me: True, stay if you will, go if you must.

Personal note: I may see what the angels offer soon.