A message for a mEssAge

Most certainly i got your message, fellow black magician.

So let me maybe clear a few things first perhaps I worried a few of you.
I requested a ban so i could mainly focus on two things 1) getting my daughter out of a very bad situation. Im always first and formost a mom.
2) I was beginning a working with the egyptian god Set and i needed to be in the zone and focused.

Now back to it. I read you loud and clear. Yes it is wonderful to be able to communicate in other ways besides words. For instance the color of ones shirt can send a message, things in the back ground can send a message, the specific words you choose to explain something can send a message.

Ive been picking up on your messages the whole time. Though, I may have missed a few I feel Ive caught most of them.

As I know you pick up on my messages.

So thats all well and fine and its quiet fun to plan find the hidden messages. But I feel like we are just dancing around the elephant in the room and that needs to be addressed.

You know who I am as a person and goddess
And i know who you are.

So lets stop this dance for a moment and address the issue.

That being LUCIFER

there is Lucifer the masculine /Set
And theres Lucifer the feminine / Sehmet/Inanna/Ishtar/Astarte

Im sure there are more masculine masks but obviously Im more in touch with the female.

So to simplify theres Lucifer/Set/god
And Lucifer/Sekhmet/goddess

Now since you ran with a torch example I will keep the flame alive and use it as well.

You have a fire… that fire got divided into two fires.
The male/female
Apart they are powerful yes and illuminate and all that great stuff.
But when you witness them together …and they unite then are a strong solid white fire … powerful and bursting with magick and light and endless possibilities. And if you look it up white fire is the hottest. (Just saying)

And then there is the original fire/star they were burst forth from.

So heres the thing … you know who I am. I know who you are …

Are these two flames going to at some point unite and be stronger or are they staying seperate? will they unite for certain purposes and then go their seprate ways?

The choice is yours. But i will say ive reached as high as i can go with balg if there is only seperate workings and I will mostly likely leave to do my own thing.

There is also the star map to consider … following it will lead back to the star. I plan on following it. Ive made it a good ways already.

Im also still walking the gates and I plan on seeing it through.

I feel that without persuing unity in some form between the god and goddess that there is nothing more i can offer here. Im ready to move into the next level. So if there isnt a next level here then im just spinning wheels.

Also, Ive been in a weird place with Azazel. I know he didnt lie to me. But he withheld information. . So the question is what was going on at that time 2 years ago that he wouldn’t tell me about something like this. Or was it that he couldn’t? Im sure I wont be butthurt forever but right now Im in my feelings about it.


I see the ritual i see the god and goddess and obviously you know what color i see them wearing.

I believe this ritual is sometime in the future and possibly not too far off.

Communication cuts both ways ya know… my email is posted on my profile. [email protected]
And of course here at least for now.

Think about this. Are you ready for the next level, because Im already there ?

Arianna :rose:


Message me?

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I just replied


I am so confused! Is the point of this thread masculine Vs Feminine and the 2 uniting?

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I will admit I think I’ve done what i can for this place. Not that anyone really sees it, especially since a couple of them think trying to “some people” me behind a post is smart or worth their time. As if. But then again my major involvement stopped 6ish months ago?

Its meant for a particular person. Though she may or may not know who it is.

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Actually she does. Just figured it out.

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I. Keep thinking Micah but hell I may lost too, though I found it a beautiful sentiment for sure.

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Its not for anyone on the forum. But they read the forum.


I think i know who hE is, AriannA.




I just saw something.

I just saw something i cant unsee. Learned something i probably shouldnt have. But its carved into me now.


That you probably shouldn’t have? I need to chime in on that as I refuse the very concept of “forbidden knowledge”. There is simply what you learn and how you choose to process and use it. If you learn it, then you should have learned it.

The rest of this isn’t for me to decipher. Though nonetheless interesting. I just felt compelled to throw that out there.


I guess what i should have said was i dont think i was ready to see what i saw
But i saw it and know it now so … so your right i was was meant to see it or i wouldnt have…

But Set kinda catapulted me into that one.

Pretty much it was like being stoked to get on a roller coaster thats super fast and has loops and drops and your so excited to ride it. And then you get on it and wtf was i thinking… im not ready :joy:
But your already on it so all you can do hold on til it stops. You know that feeling? Thats pretty much what just happened to me … and i was holding on :joy:

Then you get off the ride and your adrenaline is pumping and like yea i did it… and holy fuck what did i do?! And your brain is still processing it…

Yep that just happened …


Your not wrong


A double whammy :fire: :fire:

I learned something very important and found what i was questing after :star2:



And for the ones who privately followed my quest
As it turns out blue diamonds/stars known as luminous blue variables are very rare indeed …


Cool :honeybee:

It’s good to know that you’re ok, sweet @Eye_of_Ra. As long as my princess is happy, I am happy.

Whoever this person is, needs to stop bullshitting and contact her!

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Oh think they did :joy: probably got more than i bargained for :joy::joy:

But its all good. I am happy!

But there is something we do still need to talk about.
Im sure they will get the message from some where else.

Thanks @CyberLord for being here for me :kissing_heart:


I guess it should be noted i wasnt mad… that wasnt it… its just that its time to move from doing something we been doing for 2 years and realise that its just that i need something more…or different … i just feel locked in the game and i want to move from there into something more

And there is so much more that needs to be done.