A massive curse done by me

This person has tormented me for years, and more. Here’s what I just did.

I asked to strip away his guides, ancestors, chakras. Stripped him of his magick and Higher self. I broke all his energy bodies, and asked to make his physical body sick.

then I called Kali, Lucifer, Yahweh, Nyx, Freya and Tiamat. Lucifer was a little afraid of Nyx at some point. (later on I asked to involve the Djinns, Papa Legba and Baron Samedi.)

my request to these beings was that their entire pantheons would torture the guy constantly and not allow him to commit suicide. Then, that he would keep getting tortured in the afterlife.

trust me…he deserved it

Oh. I also blocked him from reincarnation, he is blocked in the afterlife when he dies until I decide to let him go


im taking this down after 1 day

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Good job :muscle:t3: you’ve come a long way brother

My favorite technqiue :grinning:

Talk about overkill :ok_hand:t3: I haven’t cursed with Nyx but she and some Night deities thought me a very scary form of Vampyrism.

Yikes that’s pretty brutal bro in a good way

Did you clear out the energy and residue from your house or ask a spirit to help you with it?

Also once more well done

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parasites or residual energy usually dont hang around in my workings


unfortunately im having second thoughts on the curse, I show mercy unfortunately

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Acknowledge the feelings and let them go. Face them if you must but try not to dwell on it for too long. Some people really do deserve this