A Magickal Terminology Question

So, Nidhogg gave me something yesterday. Found it in the back of my mind, wrapped in a neat little package, titled “Don’t Become Dependent”. Naturally, I opened it, and over the course of the day a way of gaining energy was pieced together in my mind.

But not just energy, PLANETARY energy.

I won’t spill all my secrets, but let’s just say I send something out of my body to get energy which it gives me, but the entity itself does not return. It kind of takes the energy and squeezes it into me- like it’s a lemon.

So, what would this be? Would I performing a planetary invocation, or planetary vampirism? Does such a thing exist?

Some side effects of the energy gain:

I was dizzy, lightheaded, and the world began to change colors.

I felt like I was on fire (I decided to use it on the sun for some reason) and that something was pushing me. It was greater than a buzz, it was like I had just come back from a serious sunwalking session. The method was so powerful that light objects like a handful of tissues went flying, and heavier things- like filled bags- rustled.

So, did I just eat a planet?

I have little to no experience in vampirism, but I wonder what is the difference between feeding and channeling the energy of a planet into you.

In “comic book” terms, looks like you have a galactus-like familiar handing you planetary energy.

I think that while it brings you results there’s no need to know exactly what it is, unless you want to teach it to others, in that case you’ll need to get the dynamics behind it.

So, did I just eat a planet?

I think you’ll need some dinner partners for that !

There’s a view that the seven classical planets are (among other things) related to the very mechanics of how we’re manifested/created (whatever) as humans on this “planert” - this describes one viewpoint:

[b]The Divestment of The Metals[/b]

“Seven are the passages to perfection of matter”

  • wrote Cagliostro in the Catechism for the Apprentice of the Egyptian Lodge. Like many other alchemists, Pernety speaks of ‘washing’, adding that this involves passage through the seven planets, effected by seven successive workings which lead from the different states of Mercury, symbolised by the alchemical metals, to the state of gold.[6] In the light of what has just been expounded are such texts illumined.[7]

To be admitted to initiation in the Masonic Order, the layman must divest himself of his metals. Since each metal belongs to a planet this divestment must be intended to show the shedding of the planetary vestures, that the being may contemplate the true light.

Source: The 7 Bodies Of Man In Hermetic Astrology, about ⅔ of the way down the page.

I invoke (project, engage with) this planetary energy (almost) daily as part of my own ritual, I posted about that here a while ago. While my opening and invocation of Divine might not be your kind of thing, you might find the Stoicheia part interesting.

Edit to add: apologies for not answering your question cliearly - it’s my opinion you’re being nourished by planetary energy now, which is different in minor ways from “eating a planet” (which kind of implies it’s eaten. done, over) because you’re merited a large, richer, more nourishing and above all more potentially infinite source of power.

Thanks for the replies! Anyway, by “eat” I didn’t actually mean like one would finish a dinner- I meant more along the lines of draining, like a bite out of, rather than invoking. I can’t tell if what was taken affected the planet in away, it being a planet, but it is an interesting concept.

Lady Eva, based on your definition of invoking (projecting, engaging with), this was not an invocation- I did not engage with this energy personally, it was handed to me by another entity that seemingly appeared from within me.

Epic, are you saying you want to join me for dinner?

I have no idea if the two are related but Dante’s Saturnian “hotspot” seems to give me massive amounts of energy if I tune into it

I don’t really think it’s vampiric at all because I doubt anyone could drain all the force from an entire planet. Seems like maybe a blessing or something similar

Interesting. Well, maybe one day I’ll ask Nidhogg about it. Until then, it’s a very useful source of energy unlike simple human energy.