A Magician's most important skill

In the Pylon Le Nechash mystery school many topics are covered from sacred geometry and mathematics to astronomy/ Astrotheology, Alchemy, psychic development personal finance, health and fitness, and magick but by far the most important skill is communication.
No other skill will take you farther in life than being able to effectively communicate. This involves active listening and persuasion. Not just getting your point across but having tactical empathy to truly understand where your counterpart is coming from. The art of negotiation and conversational hypnosis neurolinguistic programming and written word, symbolism, codes, and story telling, and not just communicate with other people but to truly understand how to communicate with your own subconscious mind and in turn the greater universe in all its aspects from gods and demons to animals and nature.
Nothing else is more important because without good communication nothing else matters. You can not teach and you can not learn anything else.
Thoth/ Hermes the aspect of our universe which represents the mental faculties from Art, music, Law, science, mathematics, alchemy, commerce, gambling, travel, astronomy and more, but first and foremost, and above all, communication.
We are a social creature and every aspect of our lives and our reality involves some form of communication so master them all and you will master all other disciplines. Nations can be conquered and defended by communication alone so just imagine what this skill can do for your day to day life.

Good luck.


This is the one I’m lacking. But Im getting there!


I think the most crucial skill is objective introspection. This will prevent ego trips, messiah complexes, mistaking spirit voice with subconscious compulsions and will help hone what intuition is and what psychological complexes and imbalances are.


It is easier that you think. Is trusting what you see in your head but at the same time testing it. Try to learn tarot and pay close attention at your mind when you are reading. Once you get that feeling down you can muster it up at will when the need arises.


Money bcse whit money u can buy books, translaters ,persons, skip calls, and conection to the real magick. Yes u can do magic but until a level. And we can be stank. Money can open tat doors.

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My communication still needs a LOT of work, and it’s one of the reasons I finally joined this forum.
Excellent post and point, AdamThoth.
Very well ‘communicated’ :wink:


Communication is very important. Yes but I still stand towards objective introspection for what good is to be a great communicator if you can’t discern the wheat from the shaft. It would just flood the world with nicely delivered oratory of ignorance.

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Preach it! :heart:

So, so true.

Yes, and just being able to balance a sense of huimour, about yourself, your experiences, your ambitions, with the gravity of the things you’re sometimes doing. :+1:

The ability to be introspective, to form an opinion upon yourself and your thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc., is a kind of communication in itself, between the you who experiences, and the you who observes, and evaluates meaning. :thinking:

So I think you have hold of a different part of the same elephant there. :slight_smile:


Couldn’t agree more with all the points made. Bookmarked and bumped for anyone who needs to read this well-written topic. :slight_smile: