A Love Spell For Beginners

Disclaimer: This post is not from my own experience. This spell comes from a trusted source, and felt the need to share it for those on this forum who are looking for a love spell that was successful, and can be done by anyone.

In this spell, you will be making a VooDoo doll to return an ex-lover or to have a new lover come to you. The person who successfully used this spell to bring back her ex-boyfriend had zero communication with him for about 6 months. Although they worked together, he wouldn’t speak or acknowledge her. Sidenote: Ths VooDoo doll method can be used for other things as well, and doesn’t have to be strictly for bringing back an ex or for love purposes.

Items Needed:
Pink Fabric or Felt
Thread + Needle
Buttons (preferably the color of your person’s eyes)
Small Red Flannel Bag
A Picture of your person
Licorice root
Calamus Root
Rose petals
LM Essence of Bend Over oil
LM Fire of Love oil
LM Love Me oil
Pink Candle
Stick Pins

Take the pink fabric, and outline a gingerbread man-shaped template on the fabric. Once you finish drawing the outline cut into the fabric. Make sure that you have two gingerbread shapes, one for the front + back. Make sure that you made the shape big enough to where you can put all of the material in it easily. Begin sewing around the edges of the two templates, but make sure to leave an opening so you can stuff the materials in before closing the doll. Your sewing/craftsmanship doesn’t have to be perfect; only your witchcraft. The entire time you work on creating the doll, it is important to state your petition and what the doll was intended for. Speak to the doll as if it were your ex-lover or person. Tell it how you want them to feel toward you, act toward you, and the things that you want them to do. Make sure you speak out loud.

Begin stuffing the doll with stuffing (it can be from an old pillow) through the hole that you left open. Make sure that you stuff just to the center of your doll, but not over the center because that is where you are going to put the magical ingredients in to support the work you are going to do. In the small red bag stuff the petition written on the back of a picture of him. Before you place the picture with the petition on the back of it make sure that you anoint the photo with the Essence of Bend-Over Oil, Essense of Fire of Love Oil, and Essense of Love Me Oil. You will then state your petition again. Next, you are going to place licorice root, calamus root, cloves, rose petals, damiana, and catnip into the flannel bag as well. Specifically, tell each herb what it is intended to do. Here are some things you will tell each herb:

Licorice + Calamus Root - Give me control over (blanks) heart and mind. Make (blank) submit to my work. Break down all resistance.
Cloves - Make (blank) want to yearn to be in a long-lasting relationship with me. Silence any negative thoughts (blank) has about me. Help (blank) to see only the good in being with me.
Rose Petals - Make every time (blank) thinks of me he/she gets aroused, and cannot stop thinking about how attracted he/she is to me. Give him/her strong romantic feelings towards me that he/she cannot resist.
Damiana - Give (blank) a strong desire to be with me that he/she cannot resist. Make (blank) willing to do as I intend for him/her to do. Make (blank) return with no resistance.
Catnip - Make me appear enticing and charming unto (blank). (Blank) will be attracted to me like a cat to catnip.

Once you speak over each herb/flower that you used, then anoint the entire flannel bag + contents with the Essence of Bend Over, Essense of Fire of Love oil, and Essense of Love Me Oil. You will then finish sewing the doll and then lit a pink candle anointed with Love Me oil and Fire of Love oil (if you want to anoint with more oils you can). Anointed the doll with the same three oils above and baptize it in the name of your person. Then you will take three long stick pens and heat them over the candle that you lit earlier. Once you are done you will stick one through his head while speaking to him the words “I control your mind”. Then stick one through his heart and tell him “I control your heart”. Then stuck one through his/her genital area and tell him “I control your sexual desire”.

Once that part of the ritual is complete, every day you need to light a pink candle dressed in the oils above. It can be a small alter candle. You will speak to the doll firmly telling it exactly how you wanted them to think and feel about you.

Here is the story of the person who did this spell: On the 3rd day, after no contact from her ex for over six months, he texted me. Then he texted the next day. Then the next. He was sweet and playful just like she told him to be. One week later there was an outpouring of emotion and he told her that he loved her, that there was nothing compared to being with me, and that he wanted to reconcile.

I will be implementing this technique soon on someone that I know, I’ll be updating you guys on how it worked for me :slight_smile:. Also, if you are looking for a place to order any of the material that you see in the list you can find them on the LuckyMojo.com website, that is where I got all of the materials from for cheap. However, if you order from there make sure that you get it all at once because the shipping fee is a little meh. I had to order twice, because I didn’t get everything at once thinking that I could find some of the materials at Walmart. However, good thing is that they send it very quickly.


What is this “trusted source?” Please provide the attribution for where you got this, please.

Feel free to have a look for yourself: http://forum.luckymojo.com/post368215.html#p368215


Anything cribbed from the internet and posted to the forum needs to have either the name of, or a link to, the source it was taken from. It helps to prevent people from trying to claim it as their own work (we recently had someone who did this), so thank you for providing one.

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I made sure to give that disclaimer before going into detail about the spell :slight_smile:.

I wonder is there anything similar in Europe guys?? Why all of you in the other side of the world :laughing:

can i ask why was cloves used? Is it because it can banish negative forces