A lost flowers tarot journal

Alrighty I’m starting this journal to track my progress and any cards I pull, so I can look back and see if anything was significant later down the line.

1st entry. I asked what I needed to know about the man who attacked me before I incarnated for a 2nd time on earth. He almost succeeded in his goal in knocking me of my current course, what I dont understand or remember is why he needed to knock me of course. I fucking hate mysteries, so time to start solving it.

I asked what someone thought of me and I got these

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I’m so merged with my Thoth deck, that when I see Rider Waite styled cards I see nothing, but yours is a beautiful deck, the armor of the Emperor looks really cool

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Thank you, the top deck is The Witches tarot deck, the bottom is the Gilded tarot Royale. They’re both pretty cool decks

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Alrighty my first actual tarot spread. It’s a daily spread.
1 Works-Pertains to things you accomplish in a day.
2 Home-Reflects people and activities connected with your home life.
3 Unexpected-Indicates surprises and unexpected events.
4 Your Role-Represents your mood, actions, or reactions to events and people that fill your day.
5 Outcome-Show’s the outcome of the day, often predicts a lesson learned or a spiritual revelation.
1 The world. 2 Ace of Pentacles. 3 Death. 4 The Devil. 5 The Sun.

Did another spread. 1 past Ace of Swords. 2 Present Eight of Wands. 3 Future The Empress
@Angelb1083 The Eight of Wands keeps showing up, I think this is the 6th time over multiple days. What damn outcome am I waiting for? This is fucking frustrating :exploding_head:
Eight of wands you are waiting for an outcome. You will not wait long. Events set in motion are moving speedily to their inexorable conclusion.
Also do you have any tarot spreads to recommend I try?

I plan on having a black flame, warrior demon conjured from a certain shop. Seems to be looking good.

Will a meeting go well.

I’ve narrowed my choices down to two on what I’ll have conjured. 1st choice a Knight of Beezulbub.
When I was shuffling I felt a demonic presence, hot as hell come next to me.
Shuffled the deck and was going to pull some cards when I was done, the choice was made for me and exactly three cards fell out.
I asked if I should have a Knight conjured as a friend, and maybe something more if things happen that way. Seems to good to be true, hmm odd.

@Velenos what do you think of this pull and the demonic presence I felt next to me?