A look at childhood dreams

What is it you wanted to be as a kid and why? Do you still want to be that? Why or why not? What would you rather be?

As a kid, I wanted to be a power ranger. I wanted be a hero and travel around with friends, battle villains and monsters, protect others, and fight evil.

Do I still want to be a hero? Of course! Though maybe a different type of hero. I got into dnd in highschool and discovered the idea of being chaotic good. Due to circumstances, this idea resonated with me and the kind of hero I wanted to be changed. The people I wanted to protect became outcasts like myself. Fighting evil became rebelling against tyrants and oppressors. I then took a liking to the concept of the fantasy hero and decided I’d rather be a mage than a superhero. I then started writing, combining the concepts of a mage who fights for outcasts against oppressors and tyrants, though aided by the benevolent forces of darkness.

Do I still want to be a power ranger? Well if offered I’d be. Though, frankly I’d be that dark mage rebel hero before I’d be a power ranger. Power Rangers are basically lawful good heroes, and though I don’t hate them for that, I still think “lawful good” means “will show ignorance and persecution once faced with the unknown.” So I’d prefer my own rebel hero. I’d still be a power ranger, if for any reason than to be as cosmetically perfect as they are.

As an adult, I’ve realized that protecting outcasts isn’t enough. A true chaotic good hero follows the archetype of the trickster, challenging normal mind sets and teaching harsh lessons. This can mean bordering on chaotic neutral, but never chaotic evil. This doesn’t necessarily contradict classic lawful good heroes like the power rangers, but it may mean opposing them and playing anti-hero once in awhile. Though if the fate of innocent lives are at stake, I’d be an ally.


I wanted to be a Physicist… I grew up on Star Trek and Doctor Who, and I related to Mr Spock and The Doctor most, and wanted to be like them, they’re my childhood heroes. So I did a Physics degree, but IT was very very easy to get into so I did that instead. I’d still go back into research if I could though.


An astronaut was my original choice of career path. I’ve always been smarter than those around me and school came very easily to me, plus the images from the Hubble space telescope were always breathtaking, and really stirred my imagination.

I also wanted to be a writer though, as I have been writing pretty much all of my life and have a natural facility with words, so I also felt a pull towards the arts as well as the sciences, and it eventually became an internal conflict between the two dominant parts of my mind, intellect and imagination.

Once I got into theatre, however, I knew my place was in the arts. It balances my needs of both intellect and imagination. I am a writer and an actor, and my intellect goes towards learning new things to expand my abilities. It’s the best of all worlds.

I wouldn’t mind being the captain of a starship like the Enterprise though :wink:


When I was real small I wanted to be an artist and move to France. As I got older I wanted to be a musician. So I did that and toured the US in metal and punk bands all through my teen years. Then I decided to be an author since I have an aptitude for constructing beautiful sentences. So that’s what I’m doing now albeit nonfiction so it’s proving to be a bit intensive and time consuming to finish anything lengthy enough to be considered a “book”. I’ve written a lot of essays but never published anything. My OCD makes it difficult for me to not constantly go over things and rewrite them.


I wanted to be a geneticist & create a plague to wipe out humanity :thinking::roll_eyes: … I’ve settled in to being a bit of a hermit & concentrating on my own little bit of reality instead :grimacing:

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Earliest and most persistent thing I remember wanting to be was assassin. At some point soldier and police started to seem more achievable, however I realized I am not good at taking orders or following/enforcing idiotic rules of society, so I became a massage therapist and acupuncturist. I’d still rather be an assassin, truth be told…

If that happened would reincarnation as humans end?

Because there would be no more human mothers.

I wanted to be a firefighter, like my dad :smiley: I received minor training and was a member of the local voluntary fire brigade for a few years .
If I could turn back time I would rather spend it with something medicine related. Being with the dead was nice and all but it didn’t got me anywhere, tbh.

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Isolated tribes that arent destroying the earth woukd survive & balance would be restored

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Corpse Gas. Aweful thought.

I wanted to be a star. When I was a kid I didnt know that auras had a name so I just called them “the lights around people” and idk why but in my 5 year old logic I had come to the conclusion that if you made your light bright enough you could become a star. So I spent recess spinning around trying to get fast enough to the point where I’d just lift off into the sky. I got other kids to do it with me. I told them they could be stars too. At that time I loved the way the lights would swell when they would fall all around laughing.


It wasn’t THAT bad, actually. Of course there are nicer deeds but I was actually very content when I got away with nothing more than a little corpse gas.

Did you wear Biohazard suits? Id imagine it very toxic to eyes, skin and inhaling. Imagining corpse gas touching the skin causing rate of decay to speed up =) of course that must be my imagination.

Only once but for other reasons than contagious diseases. Well, you usually don’t get THAT close to an unprepared body :grinning: (if I made some detail work on the face/head parts the body has been sterilized usually resp. the throat area has been “sealed” already so no liquids could escape through mouth or nose)

I wanted to be a doctor or a nurse and also a mother. I’ve always liked helping and caring for people. I put off school to be with my 4 kids. I’m glad to say I’ve just about finished my first fulltime semester towards nursing (finals today😬). Apart of me still wants to be a doctor but I’m 34 and that feels like it’ll take forever.

That is adorable!!!

Aw why thank you. I feel kinda silly though because after reading over everyones we’re talking about real careers here Haha.
I guess I wanted to be a marine biologist a while back. I used to love the ocean.


Don’t feel silly. I’m sure most wish they could return to a time when they had childlike curiosity and a sense that anything is possible. Marine Biologist is great but I like your first answer:)

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Well thank you :blush: