A logical Outcome of understanding the demands of learning Lucid Dreaming

Most people read in the web this bullshit with asking themselves through their Days if their Experiences are real. If you get deeper to usefull Truth you read the possibility to use Autosuggestions for the Time until you fell asleep. Autosuggestions for Lucid Dreaming according to Bardon did not work for me.

Most Psyches are blocked to follow and cleanse the way into conscious Dreams. Which impedimentums could then still be? What psychic knot gives more wake consciousness?

I see the energy creating Manipura as one necessity to being able to beat the “animal”-like state of mind when dreaming. Why animal-like?

While being harassed by a Demonic Servant of Disodioria I got more conscious through Tactile Imaging. First I couldn’t decide anything only recognize, then I was able to BITE! That’s the first ability of self-defense I had. Babies don’t fight with Fists, but they use their Teeth. Understood my Logic?

We fight our Ways up and downstairs on the Paths of conscious Will.

By the Way: The last Times I was attacked I grew enough conscious to visualize defensively against the Bi-Demon Lillet.

Fuck Disodioria and Lillet.
I thought Dissy still being alive but she died through Seth and me Years ago and Lillet started to behave better the last Days and died yesterday.

hmmm. I see where you’/re coming from.
Also… wut?