A Little Warning & A Meditation

I was sleeping and I was woken up by my spirits with the knowledge that someone on here is attempting at using Divination to get info as to how I do what I do, and why with very little success.

To that person: Seriously bruh. Quit trying to meddle in other people’s affairs cause you don’t wanna put the work in to find out for yourself. That kind of shit is considered by most Sorcerers as an act of either War or Espionage or an attempt to spy on someone.

I feel your eyes and can tell your age and gender. You evoking and using my spirits to get info about me is a HUGE no no in my realm. I’m not even the one upset about it, my spirits are. Specifically, you are attempting to manipulate Papa Legba and The Loa I work with.

They will not give you or anyone else info on me under any circumstances or else they will give false info and paint a shit ton of glamours about me in your mind so you fuck up and come to your demise.

Please remove your eyes from me and stop manipulating my spirits or else. That is not a threat from me, but a direct Warning from them.

Eye of The Void Meditation

This is based on a symbol I saw in my dreams.

As you go to sleep, vizualize a Vesica Pisces with the middle being all black, and the outside being all red.

Gaze into it as you enter the dream world.

This will develop your sight greatly.
I did this, and was able to perfectly see my living room and hold the image to the degree that the sprites showed up in my dream.

Peace Out :ok_hand:
The Grand Demon Of Ascent :smiling_imp:


Typical novice mistake. They tend to forget its a two-way realm. They see you you see them. :smirk:

This :slight_smile: Its not accepted and a reason to drop the hammer of justice a la Thor style.

Much this :grin: Another novice mistake: A magi some times doesn’t have to go after you. His/her Spirits will :wink:


Sigh. Why oh why, when so much is given freely, would someone even bother with this?


Jealousy, curiosity and most of all lack of respect.


Was thinking about this while drinking Coca cola with Hennessy in it :joy:

An Angry Black Magician + Hennessy + a group of agitated spirits = The above :joy:


You watered down cognac? No wonder your spirits are pissed.


My mom did lol

I’ve drunk it straight before, didn’t really do much


Bourbon or vodka is da true weh.


Believe me. Usually people have enough problems to think about instead get info about you.
This is funny.

Do you believe if a person are able to manipulate Papa Legba will loose time with you?
Are you a porn-star or a millionaire? :smiley:

Edit (just to give an example). What made you better victim than these ladies here:
(Top 5 Beautiful Pornstars Of 2018)

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His mistake is he didnt go for the Gin and Juice (purple drank).

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And funny enough Those same people resort to these tactics as a means of (A) avoiding fixng their problems or (B) In a cause of misplaced fault :ok_hand:

And I am neither a Millionaire (yet) or a Pornstar (although I was offered a position after a Jupiter working)…however I do understand you don’t have to be famous or shit for something like this to happen

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Should be aware those spirits will gladly give information about you to others. They are immortal and not human and don’t ascribe to the same systems of honor or loyalty. If they get more out of it selling you out than whatever your relationship is to them then they will. Part of the reason one magician can send a demon to attack someone who uses the same demon. The individuals power and whatever bargain they have is the determining factor to any favoritism involved. You are best relying on yourself first and foremost than borrowed power.


True :ok_hand:

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What will be the benefit from it? Just think logically. Person with a power to manipulate Papa Legba can influence Dani Daniels (just an example). Are you really believe you can be better than her for a typical evil pervert magician? :smiley: If we suppose that someone from the forum really can manipulate it and would want to get more info about you or somehow compel you?

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Essentially you’re saying that you do not believe a person can manipulate another person or gain info on anyone based on matters of “importance”.

That’s cool.

It is funny until you get in the same situation :joy:


Lolz. I get the feeling someone is attempting to use you, so how well your hidden defense is and misuse your fear and paranoids.

I personally wouldn’t over react to it. Why worry about it? I know we all being watched by the corporations and governments. Do some evil eye rituals or something like that. I always assume I’m being watched.

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Have you thought maybe it could be a future confidant seeing what they could offer you? Just a different thought is all.

My only advice is sit and wait to see who it is and what their true INTENTIONS are.

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Now that is very interesting indeed :thinking:


Explain further pls :joy:

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I admit it it was me!!! It was me goddamit!!! He’s just so manly and Iwanted to know the secret of his manliness!!!