A Little Something Inspired By Obito

Ive Been Working On This For Quite A While, The Basis Of This Is Obito’s Ability To Phase Through Everything.

First I Made An Astral Bottle, And Then I Weaved The Duat Around It. Then I Expanded The Duat Around My Body, So Everything Astral That Comes In Contact With Me Phases Through. (Placed My Astral Body Within The Bottle Btw), And Voila. The Astral Ability To Phase Through Anything And Touch Whatever I Want Without Being Affected-


You mean Obito Uchiha from Naruto and his ability of the Mangekyo Sharingan called Kamui?


Yep- Tho How I Made This Fuctions Far Better, You Dont Actually Get Touched By Anything What So Ever

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I think this is the first time I have seen someone understanding the concept of Kamui and making up a DIY replacement for it. Damn lol


Yeah, I Created It Because Of Some Spirits That Like To Harass Me By Throwing Knifes At My Head Astrally, So That Way I Can Straight Up Ignore Them And Go About My Day

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spirits be attacking me astrally
watch anime, use Kamui
Genius, would be better if you watched JOJO

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Oh Gods, Lol

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but why would spirits har-ass you? did you do something?

I Dont Exactly Remember, I Must Have Tbh


Eeyup, Knowing Me I Prolly Messed With The Wrong Sorta Spirits

You might have but some just think it is fun!
“Just for fun!” - This has been one of the most annoying replies I have gotten from spirits.

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Cancel out the contracts across the multiverse and banish.

Yeah fictional mechanics work great in the astral, people arent creative enough when equipping themselves.

The Spirits Who Harass Me Are Utter Psychopaths, Thats Quite Simular To What They Say. They Mostly Just Scream “DIE YOU F$$GT”


yes sometime people get into contracts (or their bloodline does) that can affect them in their works.

Well Just About Zero People In My Family Practice Magik, Far As Im Aware. So If There Are Any Contracts I Would Be Unaware