A little on where Ive been

Seems like time stands still at times. Though one thing for sure BALG and everyone I have crossed paths since being here is a big reason why I probably havent crumbled and continue to find light + comfort in my workings.

As each day goes by I feel a bit more at ease though its still a tough battle. So Im glad that I can always come here and let my thoughts come to a still as I read through posts and engage with many of you I consider friends/ part of my witchery magickal fam.

A few already know but its been that hard to even tell most people in my real life. Though I feel like sharing this here is a bit more calming. Months ago I was dealing with plenty of feels, emotions in my personal life and this forum helped me during that process of the unknown of what was to come. My mother was hospitalized and weeks later passed. With the seconds right before she did and us getting the news, I already felt a shift of energy. Because all my senses and magickal side I got from her. We were connected since I was born and I always felt and thought I had that connection but never knew for sure or if it was just because I was the one that got her gifts that I was just thinking I did. That day I for sure got that confirmation that what I always felt with me was indeed our energies + souls connected.

It explained even more why she always did everything to make sure to stop and stand in the way of all negative energies. Trying to block as much as she could because she literally knew how sensitive I am to all energies, feelings. I pick up things and information pops into my mind at times without me trying. It definetly caused a big tug at me and still does but this forum has helped me gain some ease. Certain people have also been a very big helping hand in more ways than they probably know and for that I am very thankful and appreciate what you’ve done, do and for simply just being there.

Its still a daily process and many times still very difficult but I can say that continuing with workings here there, being able to read posts and engage has helped me keep my sanity and simply have a place to be myself without being judged because I no longer have that 24/7 person physically to be able to bounce off who I am. Because as many know there really isnt an off button on your gifts… impossible to ignore.

So thank you again for giving me a place to find some comfort and peace. And a bigger thanks to those who were and/or have been there


Welcome back. I’m so terribly sorry to hear about your mother. I hope you are coping OK. :two_hearts: If I have your permission to, I’d be happy to send some calming and supportive energy your way.


Its a day by day for sure. I know many try saying it gets easier with time though its a big adjustment when youve been literally connected not just in a present state but spiritually state. So its also been a process of aligning with my vibes due to my sensitivity. As I no longer have that preshield before my own that captures the most of all things before it crosses in my path.

Thank you! I appreciate it. Have had a lending ear and hand by @anon39079500 though all around positive energy never hurts.


It’s nice to have you back, Star.