A little light, what do you think it is?

I often see a small light flashing for a split second, like a star. When I read a book or I look in the blank or something in particular. What can you say? And especially since my sudden interest in occultism a few years ago.

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Ye know. Just about everyone i have met who works with energy mentions this, as well as myself.

Could be inspiration, like energy being sent to you
Could just be seeing a flux of your own energy
Could be an entity trying to manifest or connect.

I usually see it at times im divining or evoking so i do think it has something to do with their presence. Dunno if it is them or their energy. I also see it if i meditate deeply so


I should put this in my diary and note the state of mind in which I find myself when this happens and when. Thank you for responding. It also confirms what I think.

I have had that little spark burn into the page and then it is a tiny glitter flake.