A little jelly of my Witchlet

So… I have a legal thing coming up and I’ve been doing… You know… ALL the workings
Devour my enemy
Sweetening jars for the judge and such
A blood pact even… And it’s had me soooo stressed out
I’m sure the situation is laughable and don’t care to elaborate RN (not scared, just spent)
But I’ve changed direction. Have to trust the workings are working, and I decided to meditate and call on Belial as we circled the courthouse this evening, New Moon, it’s the right place. Even took my sweetening jars and placed rose petals from the lawn in there.
I had my boys do this with me and the youngest (13) was talking with Belial the whole time “He’s behind us, he’s been here the whole time”
He even said “Mom he’s going to speak with you directly now”
And while I didn’t hear him, I saw him in my mind’s eye and his face brushed mine
Part of my pact was honor and respect on the New and Full Moon …
The ride home he described the “place” where Belial “lives” about bending and traveling through time and space … All kinds of stuff.
I’m just hoping he visits in my dreams again!
I have severe anxiety when facing scary (to me) issues and I KNOW my mind doesn’t quite quiet down enough.
This is us when we got home
Don’t mean to treat this like fb… But he totally got in a good photo bomb while I kept making weird faces
Anyway… I was jelly