A little hint

You know, today is a great day to THANK your ancestors.


Story time:
I was walking amongst the grease stained halls of my job and was thinking about my ancestors. My attention was turned to the cold, inactive grill for dine in, which was empty. I looked at the metallic plates that held what would be the cooked meat and saw the rune Othala Frozen and marked by solidified grease. I knew then the ancestors had heard me. On my break I took Dr pepper outside and poured it into the shape of Othala and gave my thanks, knowing full well they walked beside me as I charged into the darkness. Backed by the kingdom of bones…


I feel you. I´ve been feeling the same way. You reckon spirits of ones ancestors appreciate energy drinks as offering? The question came to my side because I have never done it that that way.

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I’ve done that.

It kind of depends on who it’s for or if it’s for the whole group. One individual would like something different than the other. Ime.

good point