A little help with "trust again" spells

Hi guys, how you’re doing? Hope it’s all right!

So, I have a friend of mine that lied to his ex-girlfriend. It was not a little lie, it was a HUGE one.

She was already doubting him, without any confidence in him. So they broke up and, in the end, it one of that “impossible” things.

So, my approach in magic is: do the “out of reach” first and, in the end, the impossible becomes possible. So I was telling him to repair thrust first, and after that, bring their friendship back. I talk to him to call Dantalion to change her mind, to forgive him. After that, my man Sallos, with I have a huge connection since always.

But I don’t know what demon can bring trust back, specifically. I know Dantalion can bring trust by changing mind, but not bring trust in a pure state. I believe Agarez can do this, but I really don’t know.

Also, I want to learn some “trust again” spells to compel her ex-girlfriend to thrust him again, with all her heart.

So, someone can help me with that?

Edit: Grammarly betrayed me. It turned something serious on kinky stuff just by an “H” word. Sorry about that.

Trust and thrust are two different words. Thrusting brings to mind some strap-on action to be honest.

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Yes, I know. Grammarly brings all the kinky out of us!

Sorry! It was trust.

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“Lord Kiltan is a Duke, commanding two thousand demons beneath him, all of which will surround the person of the Operator’s choosing and will implant any idea, thought, or emotion into that person’s being.” Trust being an emotion, Lord Kiltan might be worth a shot

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He’s gonna have to put the work in to prove he’s earned it or you’ll be wasting good ritual time for nothing. If he’s not trustworthy, he’s just not and you can’t fix him by fooling her, she’ll see through it… Why would you bother?

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Because I really know that was a terrible mistake, but it was absolutely understandable.

He has cancer. She suffers from Panic Disorder.

If he told her the truth, she would be on a fucking crisis. And I see how terrible it is.

But I told him to tell the truth, especially because of her disease. But, I believe you already know, he made his choice… Now he is in pain, and that isn’t good in this case…

Now let me say something: everyone makes mistakes. He intended to protect her but he made this terrible mistake. She didn’t trust him because of her disorder. But they made a great couple.

Another thing: I don’t know if moral is applicable on a magick forum, we are talking of people that wants to kill people lol.

But, anyways, he was plenty of reasons to did that. And he want to ammend his ways.

And that’s why I want to lend a hand in this case. And if you can help us, I’ll be thankful. :slight_smile:

Hey @Akashiel, it’s from Koetings, right?

I don’t like that much the idea of “circling” sigils or rituals, black mirrors or anything like this, do you know if anyone had a response with their entities without all this “paraphernalia” (don’t want to be disrespectful here, really)?

If you don’t wanna to talk here, can you PM me? I’ll make good use of this…

People have claimed results with pretty much nothing like that being used, but as I personally use all of that and more, I feel that I am not qualified to answer here.
Also yes, book of Azazel is where Lord Kiltan is from

No problem at all! Au crontaire, mon ami! You were helpful as hell!

I will do sigil gazing and stuff as always. But say me something here: do you connect with these demons only or do you actually SEE them?

Because I did a lot of connective evocations, but I only can see Sallos frequently and saw Belial once (not really “saw”, it was like a “fog” on his sigil). I want to do some evocation into the physical realm…

If your method works with these demons, I’ll go for it, because it’ll be my first on them…

I don’t think I’ve mentioned “my method” here :thinking: I rarely see demons as you would see people, I get impressions, feel their presence and get dream visitations occasionally

And I know that you didn’t. Sorry if sounds like that.

When I say “your method”, I want to mean the method that you use when you do your evocations.

And when I say “see”, it’s not like “see people”, but see in any state of mind… As a “fully evocation” (if I can put in this way).

But sorry, English isn’t my first language AND isn’t even my second one! Right now is the 3rd or 4th language that I use! So I do a lot of mistakes when I choose which words I’ll use. And Grammarly isn’t that helpful… lol

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Yeah, I get that. My first language is Finnish actually, and Swedish would be my second if I actually got any use of it after high school. So English is the third language I learned and the one I’m second most fluent at. :sweat_smile:

I did some use of English in the past (because of video-game and stuff lol), and I use some also in the university.

But I didn’t use for, idk, 4 or 5 years right know.

Also, first one is Portuguese, a latin language. Second is Nihon go (Japanese), so totally different. And third is Spanish, also latin one. You can imagine how lost I felt when I started to use English again… lol

Please, be patient with me and when you see me talking shit. Isn’t on purpose. LOL

No, we do not do spells for random people. If you want magical work done for you, go to becomealivinggod.com/rituals. No one does work for free.

thank you for the reply, much appreciated