A little help please

Hey everyone. So this is going to be long, so bare with me guys.

So, I tried to evoke King Paimon and from my perspective, it seems it didn’t work. Well, me and my friend did and it kinda bummed him out. He told me that he knew he wouldn’t work but I told him to believe it will. Even though we didnt see him, I believe he came but didnt answer us for a reason. And so, I started wondering why. I digged deeper and I realised I messed up. So, last year, I was in a 1 year college when I found out about him. Being the curious person I am, I researched on him. That’s when I learnt about his enn and dare I say it soothes me. I mutter it ever night I sleep after stressful day at school and the next morning I’m energized. I even say a prayer mentally before I sleep. So around May this year, we had our final exams and man was it chaotic, even for me. Chaotic in the sense that I had sleepless night and I couldn’t focus or read. I became brain dead (who wouldn’t? 4 long exams in a semester and I offer 9 different subjects). So that exam I prayed for a little help and chanted his enn to calm my nerves in the exam hall. And u know what, I passed! 8.45 out of 10 GPA. And I kinda promised to tell people about it but with everything that happened after that, I totally forgot :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:. I feel like an ungrateful bitch rn and I’m banging my head on a wall, internally.
So, I have 2 theories why King Paimon didnt answer me and my friend.

  1. Hes pissed at me for abusing his enn, or,
  2. Hes pissed that I didnt say a word to anybody about the success of my exams.
    Honestly, i dont know. Maybe i just need to have more patience. I honestly have no idea.

So, I want to hear ur thoughts about this so that I can solve this fast. I feel a connection to King Paimon and I’ll be pissed and disappointed with myself if I fucked up without knowing.

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Well, you have now fulfilled your end of the bargain it sounds like. You should call to him again when you are alone, using the same enn, and apologize for not doing your part in a timely fashion. If you are sincere about it, he is likely to forgive you. An offerring would probably go well as well.


Hi @Nomura01,

When you made your promise, was it sincere. He’ll know that for sure . I don’t think he would place a time limit specifically unless you placed one in your promise to him.

I also would say that since you told all the millions of the forum members just now LOL that it has been fulfilled.

It also doesn’t sound like your friend helped in any way since his mind was in a negative space. I think you try again but solo this time.


I agree with doing the ritual solo. Nothing kills a ritual faster than someone either not taking it as something sacred or just being overall negative about it.

And good catch with the time limit comment, I over looked that


Yeah, maybe u r right. Me and my friend r going through the same shit rn. Father is a dick, doesn’t want to take up his responsibility to take care of the children he brought into this world and throwing out our moms like they were trash (this still boils my soul with rage. 35 yrs, through thick and thin and now that ur pay check is large, ur family means nothing to u. Sometimes I feel like breaking his neck). So, I introduced him to King Paimon. And I dont blame him for not believing. In Nigeria, christianity has been branded into our mindset making us primitive and our mindset so low. So, I may do it solo but to be honest, I dont think I can give up on him that easily. I’m the nagging and disturbing type​:relieved::joy:. Thank u all for the replies

And also, I didnt set a time limit. I just promised to tell others about it. And btw, what will be good as an offering to him?

I don’t do traditional offerings by the book. Offer what feels right to you honestly, You’ll know it when you feel it.

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