A little experiment

This morning I tried a little experiment … I put the 2nd gateway (connecting to Azazels legions) on a piece of wood and put that under my bed. Will post results if any.

Last night when me and the fiance we’re trying to go to sleep it took us forever…not unusual for me but definitely for her. I was feeling almost energetic? I had quite a few interesting dreams and a very dark one that I can’t recall the details on. But I do remember the details to a couple pretty vividly but they were not of occult nature… all of this very well could have been coincidence… I will keep posting whatever may happen for atleast another day or two.

Last night was nothing special…although did have a vivid dream about being in jail in another country…tonight will be final night of experiment.

Did you do any thing to open the gateway like you would a sigil? or any other consecration?

Just charged it. Although when I charge sigils I can’t really get whole sigil to do anything spectacular other than a few of line may disappear but pop back into place when I focus on it.

I had a detailed dream about having a serpent. It was like a small boa I haven’t had him for very long but then I started bragging about how he never bites …soon after that he bit me several times and I just let him do it for a minute then had literally pull him off my arm and chunked him . He then proceeded to chase me around. It faded out after that and then I was at a rehearsal for a huge award ceremony that looked something like the Oscars or golden globes, it got pretty weird and random after that.

Removed the piece of wood today. Couldnt sleep worth a shit last night and ended up pretty much throwing a huge temper tantrum… started throwing pillows, yelling at my fiance, ripped covers off of bed… it was pretty crazy. Very out of character for me.