A little experience with Sigils

Hi guys,
I know that you’re more skillful than me, but I wanna share my little experience…
I’ve noticed that is easier for me to charge the SIgil when I have a natural connection to an entity.
I can charge Azazel sigil in a snap, while it takes 10-15 minutes to charge Lucifer Sigil or other entities.
With Azazel has been easy and quick since the first time .

Is it normal?

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It makes sense that it would be easier (more natural) for you to charge one to work with an entity that you are more familiar with, and/or have more experience working with. The entity you choose is of course part of your intent, and familiarity should make all aspects of the exercise flow more smoothly.


Yes definitely. Some entities are easier than others for me - if they’ve visited me prior I think they’ve been waiting.