A little embarrassing question here

So I have an health issue now and as far my research goes it either goes away or you can take treatment.

So i have a leakage problem down below and every time when i think of sexual thoughts my sailormen decide to go over board. (I don’t know how else to put it lmao) would this have an effect on my summoning of spirits? I was trying to do a 4 week semen retention but seems that i just have to heal now, then pick up where i left off.

There is an angel named Samael (not the fallen one another Samael the angel of Mars) he can help men in problems like that


Not really… your focus is the most important bit imo

SR helps people achieve that, directing their energy elsewhere, keeping their energy

But scientifically… no you leaking I wouldn’t think would actually affect your magick (jmo)


Practice the lower bandu lock to strengthen the muscle down below. That should help with your leaking problem.


They are the same entity.


You can also contact Lucifer through his ancient name Heylel which was his Archangel name.


its a common issue mostly when you go to 40, dont worry its not very important unless you are younger than 25


I still think that’s too cool! :sunglasses:

hypnotherapy. somehow your mind is still running program of little toddlers having leakage.

It’s like a beautiful person start to gain weight and can’t lost it from past experience of stalker/abuse by other people. They believe beauty and sexy fit looking cause the trauma. So the mind program to get obese to not be pretty. it’s protection mechanism. Even if they outgrew trauma , the mind still running that program to be obese to avoid others hitting on them due to being pretty in past.

You issue is running whatever program cuz of certain reason that it sees fit for the past. the mind don’t know time length. it just runs the program.

sometimes the mind need some education through hypnotherapy to when it’s proper for certain behavior.

This would be a very interesting hypnotherapy session to witness.


Someone else should go through these boards collecting all the top-notch advice on left-hand path sex issues. Some really obscure stuff has been posted on these boards and it could be collated and sold as a printed book by BALG.

Chapter after chapter about how to get your ex back, enlarge your penis, increase erection strength, evoking sex Goddesses, Toilet Magick, the consumption and other uses of bodily fluids, etc.

Just a thought.


He lost his sanity somewhere along the way and didn’t want to be married to a philosopher. Apparently, the whole idea of making the philosophers stone is the worse thing in his mind, nothing worse than being immortal and living “forever” or something as some hero. (cause you know, hero worship, something he doesn’t want, or his face on thousand year old monuments, I might just hate him enough to do that to him anyway, as punishment for the awful things he did to me.

So, don’t put the how to get your ex back without some serious warnings and cautions. Not that people will pay attention to them anyway, but just you know, I told you so.

you can do that @Uncle-Al and send me commission for putting that thought in you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This has been discussed recently in the Lounge as it happens, and we have collection threads that Lady_Eva will move threads into when appropriate. This includes a “no-fap” thread for issues like this that are physiological as well as 18+ threads.

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