A little confused

While I have been gone my brother gave my car away…

I don’t know what to do should I curse him? I mean shit he was my brother I have disowned him solely because he didn’t even tell me I found out by Facebook… I’m just so angry and torn right now I want to curse him I do. But he was my brother I’m just so lost right now…


Try Andromalius, who is against thieves 9for such this was) - see if he can;t get you the car back, or arrange for it to somehow be replaced by something as good or better.

You could also evoke your brother’s Higher Self, the wise part of us that remains above the mortal realm, and ask it to induce deep regret and guilt in your brother, a full awareness of the problems this has caused and the conflict you have over your own brother screwing you like this?


The blood of the battlefield is thicker than the water of the womb.

I have met too many people with shitty families.

Just remember, as broken as he has made the relationship, breaking it further or healing it is up to you. You could always just ignore it and see how long before his own actions make or break him


i know a spell that can get you a car within two weeks or atleast thats how fast it worked for me.

@RiseorDie, your such a great person, it breaks my heart to here this.
hopefully the weight of his own guilt will crush him and he will at least apologize.

to curse or forgive is up to you. and only you can really make that choice.
I know Id be pissed if my brother got rid of my truck :imp:

Im here for ya, you know that!


If you can’t deliver the punishment because of any difficulty, I’d go straight to his ancestors and discuss it with them. Or you can evoke me for assistance, as my double only will respond to someone with my permission


Thanks guys I need to think it over for awhile the worst part is if he just asked I would have let him but to go behind my back and do this shit without me even knowing? Just when I thought I had forgiven him too


So I decided on what to do I evoked his higherself and commanded him to feel the pain he’s cause me now and for all these years, I trully appreciate all of you that gave me some advice @Lady_Eva @Nagathex @Eye_of_Ra @Anastasiya