A little about me and tell me about you

since I spam this forum a lot figure I’d give some detail about myself tell me about you as well…

zodiac cancer planet moon element water spirit animals black cat and crow demons I work with spirits etc Azazel Lucifer Melek Ta’us Enki Shiva Ganesha and Kali magick numbers I see 4 7 and 13 ex Baptist Christian and former Anton Lavey Satanist have depression and anxiety former nihilist and anarchist am still far left against the far right conservative and Christian groups pansexual dirty degenerate who loves sex and taboo fetishes

don’t know why just felt compelled to make this thread ignore it post your info do whatever…


Well, I live in the desert. I’m almost 18. Got less than a month left, ive been at my first job for a year now, already being promoted.

My practice is generally eclectic. I’m a warlock, minus any promise breaking, the title is for aesthetic more than anything else. I’m also a hereditary.

I’m a death warlock, meaning I practice death magick and necromancy. This came from an interest of mine in the subject of the greater secrets of life and death and the general need to transform myself into something better and evolve.

Beyond my death practices, I’m also a Torchbearer of Hekate (aka she’s my matron) and a child of the Void (symbolically speaking, well sort of, ultimately it means I resonate with that particular energy) I also work a couple other paths, bit I generally keep my practice private. In addition I’m a decent healer. I helped a lot of people on here…

As for mundane I’m generally successful compared to other people my age in my generation.

I’m intelligent, introverted, weird, slightly nerdy, etc. I’m me. Just unique to myself.


I call myself either a witch (can be unisex) just prefer that over warlock or wizard or I call myself a shaman or dark shaman…also work with the demonic and the infernal realm and I prefer the DIY form of chaos magick


Honestly, I don’t like saying shit about myself.
I’m secretive about what I do in general…
What I can say is that I’m an open minded guy who’s into anything that’s dark or taboo in general, lmao.


It depends for me. I’ll talk if it’s nothing too serious if that makes sense.

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Like if it’s just small facts about my personality and life I’ll answer.

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Oh yeah, I understand.
It’s really just a habit I picked up, honestly I don’t mind it.


I’m a Chaos Mage, Satanic Luciferian and a Draconian Initiate (just to give a few labels to my crazy practice). I focus on dream magic, journeying and personal growth. I started my journey because someone who claimed to be a Wiccan hurt me emotionally and they never really apologized for it. (Which made me pissed of, paranoid and generally confused). I wanted something that would prevent me from going nuts over worry but I felt like I needed justice; I started with LaVey’s works and I’m still branching out from there. Became a believer in magic when a goddess healed me. I’m an Aries sun with a Scorpio acendent and a Virgo moon.

I live differently than most people my age but I’m okay with that. I don’t really care what people think about my reputation. I’m just concerned with myself and what I can experience in life. I’d rather focus on myself than go through torture with depression again trying to keep up with the world.

A few random facts about me is that I absolutely adore foxes, I can have a conversation and read books in Spanish (English is my first language), I have Norse and Welsh/Celtic ancestry, I own over 50 plush animals and dolls, and my favorite word is “autodidact” (which means “self taught”).

I think that sums up the type of person I live as and what I’m generally like. Make of it what you will.


Well I’m 17 (birthday is 09/15 wink wonk) and I live in the Virgina. I’ll be heading to college in August. I’ve been figuring this witchy/magick stuff out for a few years but now I’m like hardcore into it and I know what I want to do. I’m a virgo n I love reading tarot cards so by nature I love giving readings to people. From a young age, I saw Lucifer as the good guy while God was the bad so I think it was only a matter of time before I came here. I have glimpses into the future of sorts- deja vu sort of thing except I’m somewhat aware of what’s going on. I’m into death magick, curses, and a lot of things. Always down for making new pals so feel free to dm me :slight_smile: (I don’t really know what to say aha)


Anton is all right but I left CoS because its focused on the carnal and atheistic

I like eating and sleeping :joy:


what about pooping :poop:


If you ever fancy coming sabbing with me, you’d be more than welcome! :fox_face:


I also don’t really know what to say about myself. Im 30, Australian, I dabble in all sorts of things and have from a very young age. I am always working on improving myself and improving my life. Im a stay at home mum to 3 kids by day and practice in the occult at night. Im a capi sun, leo rising and like long walks on the beach!


occult mom is best mom mine is a damn Jesus loving Christian :sweat:

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:joy: :joy:

I’m a Yorkshire Lass from England.
Well my western sun star sign is Scorpio but in Hinduism I’m a Gemini. But I feel like I’m more of a Gemini than a Scorpio. I’m also complete Introvert. I love night time but I hate the dark. I’m starting to meditate and I enjoy it alot, keeps me refreshed and rejuvenated throughout the day. And I love cats obviously. I’m weird and crazy most of the time. I’m psychic, funny because I never knew I was, I get it from my Mum’s side of the family. (Her Dad was a psychic apparently so is she).


OOF I wanted to clarify that when I said Lucifer was good and God was bad- I was talking about how I viewed my christianity as a child. I don’t think that anymore :slight_smile:

I turned my mom on to Lucifer today, that was epic and unforeseen…



Blair , composer, music programmer, music executive from India. I work for Hollywood.

East Indian, Scottish Irish mixed.

I think my path is a mixture of Feminist Wicca, Luciferian, Protestant Christian (Baptist/Pentecostal) in the past , New Scientology (made by me).

All the religions are trying to control people including Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism .

I’ll choose skynet anytime over these religions ! :neutral_face:

Goth, kind of Anti hippie :neutral_face:

I do research on time travel as well in my spare time.

I believe Both Left hand + Right hand (stereo) is the answer ! Lucifer is not against god.

There are 22 parallel worlds including ours.

I am struggling to do sigil magic nowadays. Not good at all .