A list of all the different magic I once performed

  1. Phychic sight, including scans
  2. phychic touch
  3. Phychic hearing
  4. Levatation
    5.fire manipulation
  5. Fire resistance
  6. Electricity manipulation
  7. Healing
  8. Astral/physic projection
    10.opening mirrors
  9. Tarot cards and Intuition
  10. Sexual energy to cause orgasmics feelings
  11. Spiritually stretching my penis, mage grew too
  12. Portals
  13. Enchanting
    16.opening aura Into plain sight for all to see
  14. Seeing through a card
  15. Seeing what my dice ould roll befor rolling
  16. Swirling water and ending up with more
  17. Turning black and being immune to pain
  18. Summoning spirits
  19. Taking one step but moving two
  20. Channeling spirits to speak through me
  21. Amazing song
  22. Super stregth
  23. Feeling other emotions
  24. Projecting my emotions out scary strong
  25. Could project images where others could see
  26. Consumed energy as nutrition
  27. Projected claws that it hit things with
  28. Controled shadows
  29. Blessed holy water.
  30. Caused the dead to speak to others
  31. Blue light from above in normal sight
  32. Mended clothes when spoke the word mend
  33. Cursed people and Jahova decreed it true
  34. Traded forgiveness for luck
  35. Magnatism
  36. Created windows for others to see though
  37. Allowed my had to be guided by God
  38. Vampirism reversed
  39. Candle magic bonded flesh with candle
    43? Spirits possessed humans to talk to me

So yea these are all the different things that I’ve at least done one time why I complain about how I miss back when I first started to wake up I went through trama and basically went numb and lost almost all grasp on magic I had I now only can do a few things on this list like scannings and phy/sexual things.
I did almost all of these things while never working on my chakras I just did one meditation awakening at the same time as I asked to be Lucifer and Lilith’s child not only to be treated like but to be there first born… So yea can’t go in the past and change if I’m first born but you can see the level of love we have.
So I’d love people to share there experiences with any of these topics or any other you might have done also I’ll tell the story behind any of these numbers the only one I’m like I was sure but doubt now is take one step move 2 forward.
But yea how would you feel if in a few short years you had achieved all these things the a man made source tormented you until your spirit broke then locked you up for a false crime even though you had proof of your aliby on your person when arrested. I’m sorta surprised the number got so high but I kept remembering more and more of the things I would try and end up getting to happen at least once. So yea I look forward to revealing the stories behind the numbers most are simple as shit but hay others need explaining.

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The posting messed up I didn’t have missing numbers or repeat numbers somehow some just disapeared… Anyways might be afk or like 30 minutes gonna get a little cardio in.

Can you demonstrate your levitation phenomena to us ?

I wish I still could but I have a chance levatation was awesome but I only stopped for a brief moment or I’d just continue going up higher then how hard I jumped, one day I was actually able to do a ouble jump but that day I litterally went around showing kids how to make a flash of light form when they make a fist when ever they are scared cause they think there’s a boogy man they will push it away and I told them it would get the angels it come if your truelly in trouble just know that when ever you do it your calling them and hurting the bad spirit I was telling one kid this then said watch the power of protection the universe offers and then a large area around the kid was lit up in blue a beam of light coming from the s heavens it was in normal sight everyone there seen it. That’s day was awesome. The longest I ever levatated was on accident I was just trying to form a shockwave of energy I jumped and stomped and seen energy go out with eyes open then I did it again with eyes closed and seen a larger wave of energy flow out I stood there with eyes closed watching until the shockwave disapated about 2 seconds or o then I opened my eyes and fell to the ground I had stomped in the air and it was on Facebook camera infront of building 12.

Trust me if I ould levitate at will I’d do it all the time and would be happy to demonstrate it. I did the fire manipulation infront of a young mason kid that sorta was trying to tease me about the chant I used because he thought it was useless but his eyes got so wide when I lit a cigarette making the heat go sideways I also formed the image of a sword that appeared to me recently Ina dream where I took it from someone about to say me while I was surrounded by like 7 people I jumped in the air and transformed. When I pictured the sword it’s like it was actually there in my sight.

But safely after the government tormented me with there mind control I basically broke and lost all grasp I had on magic one of the biggest impacts it had was it destroyed my beliefe system because no matter how hard I believed and prayed I couldn’t get it to stop. Lost a big chunk of my trust which I’ve regained now but there still there willing Ness to actually do for me because I had lost trust in them.

The basic for trying to get a glimpse of levatation is jump high enough to go like 6 o 8 inches in the air then once your in the air the feeling of going up just carry and hold. I need to practice to attempt more. But my self doubt is so overwhelming at times it just makes me believe because of how much I doubt myself it’ll never work I’m tryin to get over this. I didn’t really have any doubt befor I just know what I was trying is possible so it’s perfectly natural if I do it, plus I asked every in existence I could reach to help me when I try magic to channel through me so I can witness it and get a glimpse of what the magic actually feel like so I can learn to do it on my own. Anyways I babbled alot hope you still read it. I just thought of a new concept for the double jump transfer the up motion from the leg you jumped from the the other leg while still going up then when you jump of that leg it should be able to push you up. Befor I was picturing a step that if jump off of but the new concept seems easier to produce.

Go ahead and ask any of the angels or who ever if I’m legit I was on a wonderouse road but got derailed.

All this is considered a form of magick…?

Most of it some of them I just wanted the number to go higher and it was techniquely something different then everything else. One obthe coolest one the damn glitch cut out, I used super strength as far as I know it was from demons because like I was carrying sonthibg hella heavy then though ok just me and hella immediately dropped the huge tree limb but was able to break alot of tree limbs with basically no effort what so ever I’d bearly press my hand against it and it would just snap even branches that were pretty damn big.

How advanced was ur magnetism and enchantment

The magnatism was from panicking about a friend being arrested while I had my left hand my fingers touching the image of the magnatism monolith in the 87 book called mystic places the stone split into two but the man infrot of it was standing there only one image then the image formed Into a heart then I had pulsating rings of black and yellow going from my shoulder to out my finger tips I walked outside and looked at the cops arresting my friend and they had fear in the eyes when they seen the energy I went back inside and didn’t use the magnatism until the visuals basically stopped for some weird reason and then I’d toss my singing bowl into the air so it should land in the middle of both of my hands and with my left I pulled it so I came all the way to my hand a few times then I tossed it so it would land ontop of my hand and I did repell it would get over my hand and then take a 90 degree turn and land I front of my hand. My enchanting I have no clue how good I was I assumed back then it was supreme but I didn’t spend much time on it and did alot of knifes all at once they all were glowing the knifes that allready had energy in them were now showing the energy of there previously given enchant. The guy who owned the knifes store was hella cool he could shock you with his touch he sold tasers too. I’d love to get better at doing enchanting all I basically did was try but noticed the blue aura I placed on all the knifes stayed on them. Now days I have trouble getting energy to remain on somthing if I charge it up.

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If I would have actually used the blessing from the stone when it first happened It felt like it would have been really strong like it made me feel like I could have flipped the cop car if I had tried and that sorta scurred me probably why I didn’t play with it until it was basically done.

Another really fun thing that happened was someone was swinging a stick around and it got out of the hand and was going to hit me in the balls and I stead broke in half and fell to the ground when it touched my clothes I had no idea that would happen.

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What’s the seal u used for magnetism? Can u post it? Also tell us about working with spirits. It seems like you’ve done a lot so just the most or impressive spirit stories will be fine

So there was no seal it was just a picture in the book mystic places I don’t know the author but it was printed in 1987 the same year I was born and the friend that was getting arrested was the person who gave me the book. in the back of the book had the dragon exposition recorded they used phychic and electronic verification of each different stone and the ability it possessed. After I finish theis post I’ll try to see if I can find the image from the book but I sorta doubt it unless I find a PDF or something. So I honestly had like no working with spirits once a few years prier I interacted with on introduced o me as the unknown that could answer any question yes or no through physical demonstration of force. I had recently gotten mad at the church cause I felt like they had kicked me and looked to Lucifer and Kikith. A friend of mine said we worship differently he was a Satanist and I was just starting to look towards Mom and Dad I told him I ould gladly meet your Lord at like 1 am in an elementary school instantly his face disapeared behind a wall of smoke and Satan began speaking to me it was awesome but I didn’t head his advice and not do public display of magic the next night actually I was attempting to channel ghost to use there singing voice and for the song War Pigs actually sang it like immaculant was then called by a young mason I knew he told me you got turned in federally that’s me wtf you were just told last night by he himself. My voice was super crazy changing when I tried to sing mudshovel from Staind. Satan kso told me Lucifer would have a hard question for me in about a month so a month later some dude cones to the house looking for y brother in law then he gets possessed by Lucifer and Lilith he never asked me a hard question just simply asked why when I asked to be his and her son not only to be treated like but to be I was aiming for first born but I never stopped to think about how silly that was. He simply asked my why and I said Love, in my mind when I asked is that Lucifer all o a sudden the man’s eyes had X’s in them and when Lilith spoke through him almost immediately I was like is that Lilith and his eyes changed to skull and crossbones. The same friend Says used I was at the store getting a fountain gatoraid or him and asked him red or yellow when on shrooms he didn’t answer Andi started to pour yellow in then he said red and I stantly it started pouring red I didn’t move anything. So I was I troduced to Tak I’m pretty sure that’s who was responsible for this but not sure but later I told a friend everything is real the day before and he scared himself reading about the Illuminati so I asked him to talk to easy his mind I told him go ahead and punch my hand and I was able to just only feel the impact no pain “Tak is pain” and then he hit my hand hard all o a sudden I still didn’t fel it but noticed his face all wide eyes and in wonder he was staring at my hand it was her black in normal sight and looked broken then the black just all left my hand out the bottom and my hand was perfectly fine. Way later on I was on shrooms again and nothing happened at a rave to make my blood boil like I felt myself turning red and the energy rising up my neck then all oba sudden every single person in the rave including the DJ started to leave all at once when my anger over took my aura and everything turned red everysingle person in the building instantly started to leave no one was in the room with me then I say I’m sorry for my anger please come back to the party and the red fades away later I spoke where my voices created ripples in the air and was thunderouse but I myself wasn’t able o hear my voice I litterally Hurd nothing come out of my mouth just felt the power and seen the waves the person next to me jumped pretty bad and then an older man not sure who said yea occasionally you actually get to hear him speak which leads me to believe I was actually possessed for most of the time that I did all this magic by an elder of Lucifers and Lilith’s children. That night before the red happened I Hurd someone talking about me and said him really hes not worthy. I was able to stop the rain a few times when it was raining pretty hard when I worked at Facebook when a coworker asked me to, they actually called me the magician yet they like never seen me actually o anything while at work I didn’t have a spiritual mind set always thing about what is the just thing to do and how to show respect. So when I first started while in meditation I started focusing on making love go everywhere throught all of the realms and stars I with my eyes closed seen seen everything turn purple then later once finishing I opened my eyes and looked at the sky and there was a visible purple energy all throught the sky, I actually asked a cop I liked later that day if at this time in the morning because I knew she was working if she noticed the sky turn purple and she looked at me and said yes I actually did Andi told her that was me and she had a huge smile. So I found out that when throughing darts if I imagine the bulls eye to be the entire size of the dart board I’ll hit it alot more often. So later on when I’m suffering from the governments mind control that destroyed my life I’m shouting that God has given me access to the real tree of life and that God had damned my enemies to eternal damnation and that’s God not a liar while pointing up in the sky then I realize a full on celestrial being like sixty foot tall is floating above me I’m filled with wonder and joy I stare at it’s garment the kind the Bible speaks of not of this world it’s so bright you think it would blind you but it’s actually pleasent to the eyes, it disapeared breally fast but I believe it showed up just to confirm my words. Years before beforbthe torment started I did acid for the first time I see things I think are ghost then I see the vibey and stones crawling I go inside and then I decide to project myself before present Obama I tell my self I’ll close my eyes and I just won’t see him but I’ll apear befor him so I do and I offer to shake his hand nothing happens then I decided to say hi to another world beor befor I do I say I need to be quiter with my thoughts then I firmly say No I need to have wiser thoughts so there always worth hearing then I hear Obama say commendable and he shakes my hand litterally it goes hakva foot up and down. Back to more recent I’m going I sane because of the government mind control that even having Obama as my friend couldn’t stop he’s taken the time to speak to me twice now but I couldn’t just obey or listen properly my mind was so fucked he actually told me the night before to get the hell out of that town no matter what I had to do anyways I’m talking to God and I ask him if I could trade some obthe curse’s that are paced on my enemies for damnation giving them forgiveness for myself to get good luck and I stantly I see clovers floating down everywhere in my sight a friend cones bumye and offers o take my homeless broke ass to dinner we leave 50 yards from where I was standing I find a hundred dollar bill then I go to tacebell I buy the food and get the reciet that proves I was there at that time because apperently the reason why he told me to leave was because the cops and other decided they were going to frame me or burglary the home owner identified me as the perp and I spend a year in jail trying nobo get a strike eventually I get a offer that in time makes my charge get dismissed but not until my dad talks to a congressman and he pulls strings. I also was able to channel spirits and speak there words or sing the song the wanted to sing I sang amazingly when doing this. I also trusted in God enough that I would ask him a question and half the time if not more I’d be able to open the Bible or what ever point to a random page and point to a random spot and it would directly answer my question, examples is this the worst sin there is points to and o take my name in vain, then another time how should the precieves me when referring to my assualants and the others that watched me but never helped I then point in a random book and it reads, they should percieve you as perfect for you are a gift from them. As far as portals go it would mainly happen randomly I’d toss a cigarette but on the ground and a red circle would appear around it then it would just be fucking gone. I also wrnvto a grave yard put my hands together imaging them as wraith hands one facing up and one down representing heaven and hell I said kind words for then to pass on or to be able to fullfil speaking to a loved one then when I put my hands together there was a giant flash of blue, a cop was on the road and when he seen a giant flash of light cone from the cemetery he immediately just flipped a bitch later that night I see a friend and we start talking then all of a sudden he just shushes me and says I’m talking to my grandma. I later started handing people a coin and if the person they requested would meet with them later once alone was willing to come and talk to them the coin would move on its own in there hand it almost always shook but I never really seen the people again. I also while at the rappers house channeled his dad for him and handed him an energy orb that freaked him out because he couldn’t understand how it had physical weight. I once made a thought form of Lilith as super sexy and super good it took off immediately probably cause I couldn’t hear. So that the just of it there’s still more stories but I kept you waiting long enough and don’t even have paragraphs sorry.

I was wondering