A lich reaching out to me?

So I’ll start off with saying I probably invited it. I was looking at artist renditions of certain demons and this one picture stood out to me. The thought “lich King” was whispered to me in a voice that I could only see a skeleton making.

So my question, who could be this Lich King? I feel wrong sharing the picture for some reason, so my apologies for not including it.

I’m getting impressions but no solid answers to my questions. I feel the reason he reached out to me is to learn me.

He is whispering again. “You cannot see, cannot feel, until you have done just that.” His whispers are very slow and he elongates words at weird intervals.

My next question is, what do you readers think, could he actually work together with the entities already with me? Lucifer has already stated that another entity I worked with is “below him” but I felt that the entity did actually help a lot. Will I offend him if I work with another that he sees below him?

Lucifer hasn’t given me a clear answer, he just kind of washed his hands of the situation and up and left when I called him to ask… Does he want me to work with this entity or is he tired of trying to guide me just for my interest to be sidetracked?

I am le confuzzled.

I just worked on doing some astral travel for inspiration and for some reason, both Lucifer and the Lich King are merged yet separate from the torso up and I can see the skeletal legs in Lucifer’s legs. The skeletal figure is radiating blue. I can’t really see any of Lucifer’s clothing or accessories except a bracelet on the right but, he’s not naked. I think…

Now I’m even more confused… :confused:

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The lich as we know it came from Dungeons and Dragons. Lich simply means body. So you may want to be extra sure about what you are doing.


So I don’t have a ton of information on the subject, but I do know the myth of Koschei. He was known as the first lich. Comes from Slavic mythology. Maybe start looking there ?


It could be Chernobog.

Look into Somnus Dreadwoods books.

You may find the answers you seek there.

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Thanks everyone! Good info :slight_smile: