A lantern on our way to the nightside

It can be a destructive path if one lacks the proper skills of reasoning and critical thinking. As someone who is planning to get deep into this path and in fact as deep as i can, it is essential for me to have a lantern that will guide me so i won’t get lost or destroyed.

For that Lucifer is on my side as the light-bearer. He shared with me some knowledge and his fire is burning in my eyes. It led me to his truest followers who spread his Luciferian light in our world (which ofcourse were demonized by the powers at be).

I want to present you the most ancient and secret religion of mankind, of which Demonolatry and Hermeticism and knights Templars were established from. There is a lot to read and besides that website they hold to almost 100 books of precious knowledge that you won’t find in any grimoire but unlike some expensive authors, they share all the knowledge of existence for free (or 2$ for the kindle books).

I hope this can guide many souls here to the nightside in a safe way as it guides me.


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It’s like people claim here that they all communicate with Lucifer but refuse to accept his gift of knowledge and light to humanity, lol. Interesting.


Nicey nice! Good share!

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Finally someone appreciates our Light!

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