A lady confused me for E.A. Koetting! - She thought I was him!

This lady for some reason thought I am E.A. Koetting! She wanted to order the Mastering Evocation course.

I teach my own magic courses, as I have for a few years now, however this has obviously been put on hold for some time now as I’ve been homeless and unable to make commitments that I know I won’t be able to keep.

Somehow, through my site, she seemed to think she was in fact speaking with E.A. himself!

I thought this was all cute and quite hilarious!

As I am no charlatan or desirous to commit any kind of fraudulent activities, especially anything that might carry the possibility of slandering E.A.'s name (if I scammed her, she’d think E.A. himself was scamming her, quite probably, I think!) and that goes against everything I stand for, as well as everything E.A. himself has worked so hard to create.

E.A. Koetting as well as this website are THE greatest inspirations I have EVER had the honour of experiencing.

I have met great friends and allies on this site and continue to be inspired by the works of others.

Keep up the great work everybody, and thanks again for making this place so homely and welcoming for people looking to ascend to greatness; seek allies and friends in the craft!

Her email:

My reply:

When i read the title of this thread i thought you meant that you were walking down the street and some random lady was like, ‘’ hey Koetting! what’s up dude!!! alash tad’alash tal ashtu 4 lyf !!!’’ while making the devil horn hand sign. =D

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That would be incredibly hilarious lmfao


I’m calling it. EA’s going to make BALG doorags.

[quote=“Illustrious, post:3, topic:3815”]That would be incredibly hilarious lmfao

“ALASH TAD-ALADH TAL ASHTU 4 LYFFF YEEEAAHHH!”[/quote] Can I ask what that means?

I’ve been wanting to know what “Alash tad al’ash tal ashtu” means too.The closest I came to an answer was this but it’s not quite enough.