A kinder experience (Long Post)

I wanted to share my experience with daemons and see if anybody can relate or has any thoughts about it! I have been practicing magic since I was about 8 and now I’m about to be 21. For all these years, I was really scared to work with any type of entity. Mainly fears put upon me by other religious people. It was super hard to unlearn! Also doing a lot of online research for years, getting scared, tiktok became a thing and then you see total BS everywhere. Picked up some books eventually when I could get out of the religious household. When I finally started working with a daemon, I chose Marbas. I was… really surprised on how kind he was. I would see people saying how strict he was and things that made it seem like he would put you through misery. (I would see that for a lot of entities) There was no scariness, no unkind remarks, no terrible experiences. Marbas has the energy of what I’d think of as a really kind grandpa. I haven’t seen anybody else say many things like that. I’ve seen stuff about him where he’s strict and isn’t going to hold your hand. I’d like to think of it this way: I’ve had terrible experiences at the ER and doctor’s. I’ve had grouchy old doctors be totally desensitized and have bad attitudes when youre scared and bleeding. They’ll totally make you feel like shit for being there and you’d be displaying an appropriate reaction for getting into a wreck. But there are also kinder doctors and nurses in the same exact situation that have the same end goal. The kinder ones will accommodate the best they can and have nicer attitudes. And can actually understand that youre human. They both tell you that it has to get done and meet the goal. But it’s about how they do it in the process. I’d like to think Marbas (or any daemon) can evaluate how you are and treat you in a way that will encourage you to meet your end goal! (Just used the two nurses example to show difference in attitude and method to meet the same goal. Srry if it wasn’t written the best!)
I also work very closely with Asmodeus and I think my experience has been kinder than what some others may have experienced. (Although once I did get my hair caught on fire for being lazy and talking back. It was something important I had to get done that day)
But I was looking to see if anybody else has had surprisingly kind experiences or something wasn’t as bad as you thought it’d be. I see a lot of tough love or just strict dynamics between magician and daemon.


I never had expectations of harshness. I think some people project and get what they expect.

Other get a tough love effect, but I think that’s what they want, or they accept it. I don’t, really, I won’t be told what to do, I’m going to react badly if entities mess with me instead of just opening their gobs and asking like decent people and they’ll get short shrift if they go there. They can be polite or go away.

Boundaries man, boundaries matter a lot. A lot of people don’t set them and reap the consequences.
Also I have Belial permanently partially possessing me, in that way that I have my whole life although I only did that working 3 years ago. That independent energy doesn’t give much room for being anyone’s bitch.

So I approach these beings as people. They seem to be more steady and stable in personality that humans, I have had them snap at me because they were in a shitty mood, they just don’t do that the same way.

I had Asmoday show up give me the stink eye once when I was minding my own business in Thaumiel, but it was weird as he had someone else’s face on as a mask, and It may have been my interpretation of something like, he’d been used in a spell against me and it wasn’t working, (I knew it and I broke it) hence displeasure reflected through the combo mage and the entity.

I refused to speak to him for years after that (because, I’m an asshole and basically went, “ok, fuck off then, see if I care”), and it’s only been this year Asmoday came by and we had a talk and cleared the air.

But I don’t judge all this as harsh vs not harsh. I’m a stoic at heart and I’m more interested in the information and learning than reacting emotionally to it.


About a kind way, a kind approach, for me Lilith was that towards me. She was kind on all levels, she made me feel alright and calm. She is like a mother but with no biter aftertaste or anything like that.


It is true that projecting is done often.

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I honestly am not a fan of tough love and I like when other’s are blunt and direct. Totally applies to entities as well! I think it’s a very harsh learning style and not for everyone. I do appreciate when Marbas is kind, patient, but also direct. I don’t like getting bossed around or “fuck around and find out with this lesson” stuff. At that point I think I’d end connections and be sad for wasting my time. Not every entity has to be scary or mean.

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Well, from my reading the past year or so, Lucifer and Azazel (who may be aspects of each other) are known to be very kind.

Heck, people talk about Jesus the very same way Xtians talk about Jesus. (I even have to wonder if they’re the same, considering the confusing morning star reference and all!)

Following along books by Ars Aurora, I called Azazel in angelic rituals by accident a few times, and his energy didn’t seem out of place.

I think there are a few of these “dark” entities that are likely quite nice. Much like not everyone at 7-11 (or in the area nearby) is a thug or a hood. lol

I also read recently that Zagan is supposed to be very kind.

I think I may “dip my toe” into these entities soon to help get out of a very real and fatal hell my mentally ill partner put me into (she stole my identity, money, phone #, bank accounts, email accounts, computers, everything)… so I’m very interested, as well, to hear which ones are known to be kind and positive.

Angels help a lot, but I do hear the demons are willing to bend reality directly and quickly — so that’s a huge positive when you’re working against the clock.

Thank you for this post. Hopefully many others chime in their their “kind demon” experiences!

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I’ve been very drawn to Azazel for a long time! I’ve introduced myself to him but haven’t gone further because of how busy I’ve been recently. I hear so many good things about Azazel.

Sorry to hear about your partner. If she’s still your partner then wow! You’re more forgiving than anyone I know. If you’re looking for a demon to return stolen items I recommend Andromalius. I’m about to work with him after days of researching. He seems to be quiet, fast working, and nothing I’ve seen is mean so far. I’m thinking of either tonight or tomorrow I will petition him and will update if anything has changed. I had my cat stolen by a family member and she moved across the country and nothing but nasty communication or dead silent. It has been many months since the incident and police are never any help for me. But I have my faith in Andromalius since I’ve heard nothing but good things.

I’ve never worked with angels before. Do you have good experiences with them?

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Yeah! It seems like Azazel and Lucifer himself are at the top of the kindness hierarchy.

A post by @C.Kendall said that Azazel may actually be an aspect of Lucifer.

You know what, it’s learning about bipolar that has made me almost radically forgiving. I’m probably close to Jesus levels of forgiveness now. Lol. I mean, seriously…

It’s because she literally can’t control her brain. One of the bipolar YouTubers “LizziesAnswers” especially made me understand just how drastic bipolar is. Lizzie doesn’t hide the reality of it.

I feel AWFUL for anybody inflicted with this. It’s not fair for them at all.

She was always raped daily by her uncle from ages 10 to 12, which may have created multiple personalities/DID. We saw the movie “Split” by M. Night Shyamalan maybe 8 months ago, and she vibed with it strongly. Scares the hell out of me, but it is what it is.

Learning about her abuse history, I couldn’t blame her for things anymore. If I continued to blame her, I would’ve become the monster!

So that’s the story of that.

Also, we have 3 children. I will suffer, if necessary, to keep them safe! I REALLY need to be reunified with them. I will literally do ANYTHING for my family. I know first hand what can happen when there’s not a loving, fully sane protector in the family.

Wow, yeah… police are something else. When I reported my incident, they couldn’t understand things like having my password changed or how intense bipolar is. It’s like the police themselves live in another reality than the rest of us, or they’re insane or stupid. They can be really weird.

Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry to hear about your cat!!!

If you had a relationship with your cat anything like I’ve had with mine, I know just how soul shattering that can be! That’s a really rotten family member you have there. Yikes!

My heart goes out to you. :two_hearts::cherry_blossom: I hope you get your beautiful kitty back soon. :cry:

Have you started the ritual with Andromalius yet?

Oh, my experience with angels is very good overall. They restored my ability to write maybe a year ago. That was incredible. Now it’s like I can’t stop writing lol

They almost always get rid of very bad feelings, including the very suicidal ones I’ve been prone to recently.

They’re part and parcel of removing bad energies from an area. That’s why they’re included as part of the LBRP ritual, etc. Even very dark magickians call angels daily for banishings… from Yohach and Kalach, to Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael.

They CERTAINLY help a LOT with self-growth and development. I overlooked one book I had for awhile called “Angels of Alchemy”. I wish I didn’t. That simple book is incredible for rapid upgrades.

There’s also crazy vicious angels of the “2nd heaven”. I used two rituals in the book “Angels of Wrath” to induce a near deadly stroke in the man that molested my partner.

After about a month it worked! He’s literally suffering to death from this, unable to hurt ANYBODY, just like I asked. Wow!

The author of the book, Gordon Winterfield, does demon work himself — but he said the more militant angels such as Tehyahgrah can be even more vicious than demons. That’s quite something… (and I think he’s right)

EA himself encourages dark magickians to work with angels. He said there’s no real down side. That these entities existed far before modern religions.

That’s why I’m opening up a bit more to working with demons. I just want to make sure I work with ones with VERY good reputations. That seems to be the real key. Asking around, checking their references. lol.

It’s why this thread you started is so cool! I hope lots of people respond with the kindest “demons” they’ve had contact with.

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Never had contact with Jesus but this entity is often replaced by an astral entity that sucks dry our karma and energy. Jesus was an initiator that lived long ago and has nothing to do with the son of god or what the hell religion told about this man. I never call unto him, I might as well call the ghost of Mother Theresa and get the same result. I also avoid like the plague the angels because for me they are a human construct. Angels are messengers according to the holy bible. I do believe light-beings are called angels. Those light beings are from regions unknown to me, and possibly many under the orders of the arcons.

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