A KEY to shifting

Begin with acting, for some just acting a character around strangers for practice, and really throw yourself into the character… practice all the time, until you eventually do become the character… and then the eye colors start to change… then you can become any character at any required moment, with practice… it allows an ease of life from moment to moment, but also an extreme difficulty… because the mastery of shapeshifting has to do with compassion in particular… if there is no real driving motivation behind it, why even make it possible for yourself? Only the most compassionate are able to take any form in order to be in truly in service to others, and make real changes in the world utilizing shapeshifting abilities.

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I don’t think many people would learn to shape shift so they can be of service to others, because to be of service to others does not require shifting. We can serve others and the world as we are, why shift for that?

An animal cannot give to charity, start campaigning for rights, or raise awareness of something horrible going on. It can’t help nearly as much as a human can on a small or large scale. And to change into another human for ‘compassions’ sake… why the deception? If we are doing it for some noble idea, do it as we are.

Unless we’re living in tribe or something, people want to learn shape shifting for their own development and experience. I just can’t see why compassion and altruism is the key.

Oh, maybe you have not been to hell and back. Certain people are destined for certain characteristics. This goes way deeper than you can imagine. The ability to be able to shape shift the physical form takes a great deal of destruction of the identity, clearing out all things which may be of waste to energy… so even then the brain can unlock the codes necessary in order to even perform this. Then the identity is chewed up entirely in the abyss… and then the only way you can cross past such darkness without going totally insane or commiting suicide… is to learn compassion… and this is the only way anyone can be of true service in the world as a whole… rather than just stuck in their own minds and worlds, constantly putting themselves before others… to me, that shows a certain amount of inexperience in being able to see the wider scope of things. This ability concerns a deep and true love for the world, for planet earth… that you would die, and kill your own identity and ego just in order to be of real service. I think you missed the point on this. But I cannot expect everyone to understand this.

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The journey through the abyss doesn’t require compassion although obtaining the Great Realisation does tend to arouse it within the “individual”. I don’t think it is required that one traverse the abyss to achieve shape shifting although I can certainly see how it would be immensely beneficial.

If anyone else has been able to physically shape without some extreme factoring involved, I would like to know how they did it.

I think this is the reason not many people do it. lol… it’s a death sentence. People seem to think they can just ‘cast spells’ and have everything magickally work out for them… that is really not how it works at all. You have to risk your life to earn certain things. Real magick is not some game to be toyed with… it is a life or death scenario. I know it is not for everyone and not everyone requires that level of commitment… only the ones who have been the most tortured in life… haha

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Interesting you lecture on compassion and the death of ego and then become condescending towards someone who doesn’t agree with you… wording your statements which elevate yourself and make me sound as though I am beyond your level of knowledge, experience and understanding… did you get angry? … Interesting. You say I have missed the point - I say you have contradicted your own.

Magick is a natural ability, and is far more natural than the shittiness that is the current human being? How on Earth could magick possibly be more of a death sentence than what we do now? It is only a death sentence for those who try to be the same while trying to change their life. Magick is a life and death scenario, but so is living in the ghetto, working yourself to stressed-induced oblivion, and living a life in which you do not use the most of your abilities to achieve what you can.

Everyone talks about paying a price, and no one stops to think that many of them are already paying the price the more they go without these abilities. How much do people pay for being ignorant, for being powerless, for being complacent? We are all hear trying to improve through this work, and yet why are we even walking into magick unless we are already paying hefty prices for not using it?

Metatron, that’s what i wanted to answer for some people before, but didnt have these words in my mind.

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Well actually shape shifting is literally a type of death, it’s just a different sort then the usual type. Inversely what we know of as death is just another type of shapeshift. I dunno if thats what she meant by that, but that is how things are.

I know you go through some sort of death process, but quite honestly, everything goes through constant death and rebirth processes all the time. When it is normal, however, it doesn’t seem that dramatic I’m guessing, but it happens all the time. When you get a job, you experience the death of the unemployed person to the rebirth of the employed person; when you graduate from college, you die as the academic student and are reborn as a career person (unless you decide to pursue other academic activities).

It happens all the time, but the difference is that it is part of our normal living experience. However, it isn’t the case for all people, like with a college graduate for instance. Some people are the first of their entire family to enter college or graduate, and for them the experience is a HUGE transformative process, and shapes them into being something far different then what they once were. They may be completely dissimilar in demeanor, personality, and even physically after something like that, so this process is really something we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Physical transformation would be such a great alteration for us because it is so far outside of the realm of normalcy in our society and collective consciousness. So in order to do it, we got to break through those things, but our experience of it is only so drastic because of our orientation to it, not because it is necessarily something so much different from what we do on a normal basis.