A journey through the shattered mind of an insane man

For those of you who don’t know we had a day of strange spams that we put out which got us temporarily silenced.

“We” are one person. We have what psychologists refer to as multiple personality disorder. We don’t feel that it is a disorder. Unfortunately some of us are not very civilized and occasionally gain control over the body. This is what happened the other day.

Ed is one of these. Ed is not supposed to be allowed to interact with the public. He has a tendency to try to confuse people because he thinks it is funny. Ed is the culprit behind the spam. Usually he speaks nonsense or random words.

We are willing to answer any questions anyone may have regarding us. I am Eric. I am the original one to occupy this body. Most of the time I will be the one here on this forum. We felt that because of the incident with Ed we should open up and share what we are.


How many of you are there? How often do switches happen and stuff?

Do you like the same temperature?

There are 5 of us. Switches are most often triggered. Though sometimes voluntary. As for how often depends on who is in control and what the trigger is for the others.

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@A_Pariah could you be more specific? If you mean like the weather then no we don’t agree on temperature.

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Are there any specific triggers we should watch out for and anyone specific we should watch out for other than Ed?

@anon47923162 nothing that should trigger on the forum. Roy is also not supposed to be allowed on the forum. He has agreed to avoid the forum though he shouldn’t be a problem. Ed is one we all have to control. He is the only one to really cause any problems.

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I’ve moved this to Journals section, and respectfully request you keep any future posting of that kind to this Journal, that way members who want to converse can do so, and those who don’t can Mute the topic, using the controls beneath the last reply. All forum rules continue to apply, but if you want to post things that may make less sense to most of us, this topic is the place to do so. :+1:


But how can you know that your mind is shattered?

Members of this forum cannot give psychological or medical advice, diagnoses, or anything of that nature, in response to forum posts, and as far as I know no reputable licensing body will attempt to diagnose someone via online text alone, so please desist from posts regarding that, it’s not what this forum is for and there are numerous support forums for people who want that kind of support.

I am taking OP at his word that he sometimes feels he has different identities but if this topic starts to verge into medical or psychological areas, I will have to close it.