A Journal of Quindecim

Hello there, how you doing?

I am doing great. Just wanted to open a journal because I can.

So I will be posting stuff here when I want. You can also post things here but I ask you to keep it civilized, thank you for your understanding.


I like this song so so so so much :+1:

they deleted it from youtube -_-
but on this site its still to be viewd and downloaded
The duration is 2:36:37 The langue is Byzantine Greek which i don’t understand yet.

NOTE: First 10 seconds no sound

These are Greek Orthodox chants / psalms. That’s what you hear in Greek churches. I don’t like the context, as I’m not interested to worship the christian god but, speaking as a musician, its the only good reason to go to church.


I listen to music form many different cultures and langues, sometime i have a friend that asks me ¨do you know what it means¨ (analytical left brain) i usually respond with i don’t listen to langue, i listen to energy. Meaning i listen to this song because it gives me a emotional/mental sensation. rather that strict ¨vibing¨ on the words in the context of the that particular song


This song great song to connect to female energy, imo

As a counter part or complement to the previous song
A song to connect to male energy.

Great song for meditaion, it just pushes you somehow deeper in to the meditative state.

Man… i played this song grey. Just a brew of harmala seeds and i am more than good :smiley: No alcohol or drugs, no nothing just dirt cheap plants :smiley:

it starts slow around 09:59 you can perceive a shift, atfer 19:00 Man… just listed…just listed

dont use cheap speakers from phone or laptop. it need to have bases